Monthly Goals Check – August

Monthly Goals Check – August or alternatively “Why the heck is the monthly goals post for August coming out now?!” Well, I actually finished this a couple weeks ago but had it sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the final read-through.  But, this turned into a very sad week for us with the passing of… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #31

Let it be noted that it is Monday and I’m actually writing Motivational Music Monday #31 – it just might not get published until Tuesday, Wednesday (or possibly the weekend for my occasional visitors from New Zealand!).  Last week was a good week in the land of the Pacific Northwest.  Plenty of coffee, music, and an impromptu Seattle… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #30

A new trend seems to be developing recently with Motivational Music Monday coming out a little later than the title may indicate.  But it’s all good…it’s the concept of the theme that matters!  And, with that, it’s time for Motivational Music Monday #30 on a Wednesday. This has honestly been a pretty quiet week in… Read More »

Hamster Endurance Race Recap

On August 13th I headed north to Lake Padden, Washington with Wifey for our first steps in the world of trail endurance running.  The Hamster Endurance Race is a trail run where competitors elect to compete in one of four time classifications; 6,12,24, or 32 hours.  Having completed 9 marathons and 30+ half-marathons Hamster represented… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #29

When Sunday is not really Sunday because Monday is a holiday, aren’t they just the best?!!  As you all know, I absolutely love my working life at Starbucks but a long weekend is always so welcome.  No real Sunday night chores or errands…grillin’ and beer and staying up late writing blog posts while mixing the music… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #28

Motivational Music Monday #28 is a first in the series, in that it is the first Motivational Music Monday that is published on a Tuesday.  Though it might be Wednesday by the time I actually get the article finished!  But, we can’t miss one and there are reader shout-outs, treats and music to attend. So… Read More »

Happy Hour from Hurricane Ridge

Relaxing with a nice cold beer looking over a beautiful sunset on the Strait of Juan de Fuca seems to be an ideal time to jot down a few thoughts on a Friday Happy hour from our mini-vacation in the beautiful town of Port Angeles.  If you are not familiar with the geography, Port Angeles… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #27

It’s been a quiet post-race zero miles week in terms of running but still a great week and weekend that started with our traditional after-race karaoke “party” on Friday and finished listening to tunes while making dinner and spending some quality family time as I drafted Motivational Music Monday #27! So, no running and to be… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – July

Well, now that we are well over half-way through August and I just finished, what turned into marathon number 10, we better have a quick look back at July, otherwise the year will end and the collection of monthly summaries will be incomplete.  And, that just wouldn’t be right.  I really need to try to… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #26

The cries of disbelief echoed as Monday morning rolled around and the Motivational Music Monday pick was nowhere to be found…well not really.  But, it is Monday and we are going to catch up with the weekly post and keep the tunes and the treats rolling on the blog.  Time for a quick look back at another… Read More »