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Back to training!

And, so the cycle resumes.  Two weeks and two days have passed since the great experience (and PR in case I hadn’t mentioned it 🙂 ) at the Chicago marathon and it seems forever since I posted the Race Summary.  But, with Illinois in the rear-view mirror, the post-marathon period of doing basically nothing, or sod all as… Read More »

Site Update – Map!

Just a quick post as the site continues to develop.  The underlying theme of all this running stuff as you’ve figured out by now if you clicked a link or two is my journey, along with my wife, to run a marathon in every US State over the next several years.  It stands to reason… Read More »

Post-Chicago Marathon, Now What?

The Chicago marathon is complete and as life returns to normal, I, along with many others completing their goal races right now, face the question of “Now What?” With the big race for the year along with the high that comes with finishing a marathon complete, there is a very real potential for an almost inevitable let-down… Read More »

2015 Chicago Marathon Summary

2015 Chicago Marathon – The Full Story My previous timeline post was intended to give a quick update and capture my initial race thoughts before the post-marathon haze blurred everything together – especially during those final few miles and the zombie-esq shuffle through the finisher chute…and those that ran, wasn’t that the longest finish chute in… Read More »

2015 Chicago Marathon Timeline

After a travel day back to Seattle that, on reflection, was more painful than running the actual marathon itself, I thought a timeline review of my experience at the 2015 Chicago Marathon might be kinda fun, at least while I can still remember most of the details!  I’ll follow up with a structured recap and summary more… Read More »

Bringing it to Chicago!

We have arrived in Chicago and there is now barely a day before the start of the marathon!  Wifey already has a great summary of day one on her site so figured I need to keep up the pace 🙂  Today we had an incredible day exploring this fantastic city taking in the food, the architecture,… Read More »

Chicago Marathon Training is Done!

Well almost… Tomorrow represents a significant milestone – training for the 2015 Chicago marathon will be complete! An easy paced six mile run on the trail to Lake Cassidy as soon as I get in tomorrow, after a mostly easy 9.4 mile run on Sunday puts a wrap on the marathon plan. The next run will start at Grant Park… Read More »

Daily Post Picture of the Week – Sunrise on the Sound

This week’s fun photographic diversion and entry for the Daily Post Picture of the Week is taken from my daily commute, which has to be one of the most scenic train commutes in the world! From the Daily Post website photo them page: Change is commonly defined as “to give a completely different form or appearance to;… Read More »