Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thanksgiving 10K Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and enjoying the holiday season so far.  T-Day for us is usually pretty quiet but we always enjoy the festivities and get to spend some quality time together as a family.  The day after is spent, usually doing mostly nothing…puttering around the house, sort… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 4

A bit of a change in routine from the typical marathon cycle as we have a couple of races on the schedule during Thanksgiving week.  With my first ever 5K successfully completed resulting in a pie for my efforts and a 10K on deck for Thanksgiving Day, the normal long run routine just didn’t seem to fit.… Read More »

5K, PRs, and Pie!

Another race to add to the resume and a few “firsts” to record along the way as Wifey and I headed to Redmond at OMG it’s early, dark, and its too freakin’ cold to go running this morning, to run in the inaugural Redmond 5K Turkey Trot.  Going to try to keep this summary pretty simple… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 3

A quick recap of the Maui Oceanfront training from this past week as preparation ramps up a little in this cycle, with a look at how I actually performed versus how I was planning to perform.  This probably calls for one of those how I think I run versus how I actually run meme thingies…so if you have a good… Read More »

Post-race Celebration!

An attempt at humor in today’s post as we take a detour from the more serious stuff.  Paula has been doing some great networking with her site and uncovering some awesome sites and blogs in the process.  One such group of three bloggers host a weekly theme/link-up…I’m not totally sure what a link-up is but I… Read More »

Training Summary Maui Week 2

A busy week and another row of training scratched from the trusty spreadsheet.  Where did that week, and more importantly that weekend, go?!!  I had hoped to post an article or two about running apps and technology but it’s still sitting in my list of drafts.  I did discover some new great blogs and kept up on… Read More »

A Farewell to Running Shoes by PK

A very quick post inspired by an awesome article published by my wife, Paula on her site this week, bidding a fond farewell to her favorite shoes that have netted her several race blings in 3 states and 2 countries.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s well worth a visit:  A Proper Send-Off courtesy… Read More »

Training Summary Maui Week 1

Back in training and week 1 for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon is in the books…and time for a quick training summary.  It was really what I label a “break back in” period, after taking a couple of weeks to recover from Chicago.  This is probably the shortest post-marathon period that I’ve had before resuming training… Read More »