Monthly Archives: April 2016

Motivational Music Monday #10

Wow, we are already into double digits in the Motivational Music Monday series!  This has developed into a real fun weekly theme and I enjoy the conversations as we mix our running and training with a few musical preferences loosely along a given theme.  Thanks to everyone for contributing – I enjoy exploring the new songs,… Read More »

Salt Lake City Marathon Recap

A week has transpired since our race trip and that is about how long it normally takes for me to get the race summary posted, so here goes – the rewind of marathon number 7, the Salt Lake City marathon recap! It was just a few days ago that Wifey and me were enjoying a final… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #9

Today’s Motivational Music Monday pick of the week post has a few race notes from the Salt Lake City marathon, which was just yesterday!  It was a reasonably short trip to Utah and not much spare time on the road to write the normal pre-race update or race recap.  But, there will be a full trip report… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #8

It is that time of the week already and while it is Sunday night, fortunately for me and Wifey at Never A Dull Bling it is also race week, yayyyyy!!!  Just a three day work week before we head out Thursday on a mini racecation to run a marathon, not named Boston 🙂  But, before we pack… Read More »

50 in 50 Marathon Quest Runner Survey #1

I don’t mind admitting, I’m a bit of a data/stats dork when it comes to just about anything really.  I have always been fascinated with statistics, trends, opinions, and metrics.  This follows me into the world of running, cycling, and training.  I mentioned in passing a week or two ago that I was putting together… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – March

Monthly goals check – March, and the first quarter of the year is over already!  Time for the monthly review of how the four major goals that I set for myself in 2016 are progressing as well as some other ramblings remotely related to running and racing in general that might be of interest. Goal:  Run 4 marathons in… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #7

Sunday night means that we are fast approaching Monday – all y’all now, booooo…but, at least it’s Music Monday so it’s time for a quick post to address our music needs for the week and hopefully come up with a few suggestions to add to the libraries, and maybe bring a smile or two. Here’s a… Read More »

Friday Bits and Pieces

So many ideas for subjects and so much to write about but not enough time to get anything out this week, so instead, just a quick summary of some general Friday ramblings as me and Wifey enjoy the traditional weekly hour of happiness. A busy week at work, sorta, if you count mind-numbing meetings and… Read More »