Monthly Archives: September 2016

Motivational Music Monday #32

It’s Wednesday, so a good a day as any for the weekly Motivational Music Monday post!  Without too much to report on this week, #32 in the series will be a quick post.  It’s also time for a glass of midweek wine and the Sounders match is about to start 🙂 As you know, last… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – August

Monthly Goals Check – August or alternatively “Why the heck is the monthly goals post for August coming out now?!” Well, I actually finished this a couple weeks ago but had it sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the final read-through.  But, this turned into a very sad week for us with the passing of… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #31

Let it be noted that it is Monday and I’m actually writing Motivational Music Monday #31 – it just might not get published until Tuesday, Wednesday (or possibly the weekend for my occasional visitors from New Zealand!).  Last week was a good week in the land of the Pacific Northwest.  Plenty of coffee, music, and an impromptu Seattle… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #30

A new trend seems to be developing recently with Motivational Music Monday coming out a little later than the title may indicate.  But it’s all good…it’s the concept of the theme that matters!  And, with that, it’s time for Motivational Music Monday #30 on a Wednesday. This has honestly been a pretty quiet week in… Read More »

Hamster Endurance Race Recap

On August 13th I headed north to Lake Padden, Washington with Wifey for our first steps in the world of trail endurance running.  The Hamster Endurance Race is a trail run where competitors elect to compete in one of four time classifications; 6,12,24, or 32 hours.  Having completed 9 marathons and 30+ half-marathons Hamster represented… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #29

When Sunday is not really Sunday because Monday is a holiday, aren’t they just the best?!!  As you all know, I absolutely love my working life at Starbucks but a long weekend is always so welcome.  No real Sunday night chores or errands…grillin’ and beer and staying up late writing blog posts while mixing the music… Read More »