Monthly Archives: January 2017

Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – January 2017

Last year, you may recall, I set myself 4 running related goals and then proceeded to write a monthly progress report of sorts.  As the year continued, the monthly recap became a little bit of a chore and a little repetitive.  I started to add a fun “silly picture” gallery each month as well as some other… Read More »

Planning a (Marathon) Plan

Greetings! In addition to maybe writing a post or two once in a while to keep the blog alive, I’ve also been thinking about what training plan I should adopt for my next marathon cycle.  You would think after having done a few 26.2’s I would have a good idea of how this marathon training… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – December

I’ve been taking this break from the running and blogging action a bit too much to heart it seems.  But, still not too late to complete the 2016 collection with the Monthly Goals Check – December.  I’ll also wrap up the year in looking back at those goals that all seemed like great ideas back… Read More »