Monthly Archives: February 2017

Motivational Music Monday #40

Motivational Music Monday Motivational Music Monday turns 40 this week!!  Almost exactly a year ago, I introduced the “MMM” series to add some variety to the site.  It was a fun way to share some new tunes to add the playlist and chat about the week in running.  It later developed a little further with… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #39

Last week, I was able to get back to one of my more popular series of posts with Motivational Music Monday#38.  It was a lot of fun connecting with everyone over some running, music, coffee, and beer updates!  Thank you for all the great feedback and comments and I hope we get more this week.… Read More »

Discounts and Deals!

Site update! Who doesn’t like a discount or deal?!!  I had mentioned that as part of the BibRavePro Ambassador program, I will be able to share some great deals on gear and races.  I have now added those discount pages to the website, yayyy!! You can find them on the main menu under Gear Discounts and… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #38

Yes, you read that correctly…it’s back and it’s time to rock!!  After a very fun series in 2016 sharing cool tunes, workout playlists with some favorite beverages sprinkled in for the good measure, the MMM series took a bit of a back seat.  If you’re reasonably new to the site, last year I posted a… Read More »


BibRave A real quick update tonight as I have some exciting running related news to share.  I have been selected to participate as a BibRave ambassador, also known as a BibravePro!  This is my first invite to become a product or service ambassador and I am thrilled to be officially partnering with the BibRave organization.… Read More »