50/50 Quest Map

A journey to run a marathon in every US state is the underlying theme of this site.

My basic guidelines that I will try to follow in terms of marathon race selection and training cycles.

  • Approximately four “quality” marathons per year – some years it may be less, other years I may be able to squeeze in five or six, but any more would almost certainly compromise performance and turn the races into a grind just to finish a state, and that is not the intention.  I want to run each marathon to the absolute best of my ability and, therefore, this is going to take a while 🙂
  • Races selected on a variety of criteria including size, stature, city, convenience of schedule, and last and certainly not least, race reputation and quality of bling!
  • Training cycles of approximately 12 weeks organized into 2 weeks post-race rest/recovery, 8 weeks train/build, 2 weeks taper.  Dates will not always align perfectly so will adjust as needed.
  • Have fun and enjoy the racing, travelling, and adventures with my family…Paula is going to be on her own journey to run a half in every state, so it will be a fun ride for the next 10-15 years!

If you have some recommendations, please feel free to shout them out!

Run safe, run strong, run happy!