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By | April 1, 2017

Disclaimer: I received a Beachbody Performance System to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!


One of the great benefits of being a BibRavePro is the opportunity to not only represent the community at various races but also to test a variety of products.  I mentioned back in February that I was really looking forward to enhancing the site with a few more reviews.  The first product that I opted to test (and was accepted) was the BeachBody Performance system.  As testers, we received the full Performance System as shown in the picture above which is taken from the Beachbody website.

In the Box

Here’s a shot of what comes in the box – I was surprised by the size and the amount of product.  The mixing bottle that is included is a nice touch.


There are 4 components to this system to help with various stages of a given workout regime or training plan.

  1. Energize
  2. Hydrate
  3. Recover
  4. Recharge

Typically, I pay close attention to my hydration and utilize the standard sports beverage products that can be found on the grocery store aisle.  I do not, however, pay such close attention to the other stages that are arguably equally as important during endurance training.  Being in the middle of an intense marathon training plan, timing was perfect for me to use and review this product.  My running plan calls for 6 days of running per week with 2 intense workouts plus the normal long run.  Muscle recovery each day is critical in being able to complete the next training session on the schedule.  With this in mind, I was particularly intrigued by the Recover and Recharge products.

Starting from the top, here’s a rundown of my thoughts along with a picture of the mixed product in a clear glass.  The directions are included on the back of each canister and all of them are mixed with water but there’s nothing saying that they can’t be mixed with something else.  I did this for the Recover and Recharge products for comparison purposes.

Beachbody Performance Energize

The energize component is the pre-workout beverage designed to boost energy and awareness.  Per the product guide, key ingredients include Beta-Alanine, low-dose caffeine derived from green tea, and Quercetin. The caffeine makes sense and I typically drink coffee an hour or two before a workout when available.  Which, given my work location is pretty much always!  Beta-Alanine is something I have never heard of but it is essentially an amino-acid that helps buffer the development of acid in working muscles.  Quercetin is a nutrient that aids in performance and recovery through enhancing the development of mitochondria in our working cells.  The development of mitochondria through easy runs is a foundation of the Hansons (and others) training program.


Caffeine works for me in preparing for a run and this beverage provides a shot for sure!  I had no adverse effects from it but, again, I am very comfortable with caffeine.  It’s just usually in form of an aged Sumatra from our Partner Starbucks on 8 🙂  The flavor is listed as lemon.  I am not the biggest fan of lemon and I expected it to be bitter or have an aftertaste.  This product had neither.  It tasted bright and intense.  I will continue to use  this when my coffee is not readily available.  For those of you that do not enjoy coffee or tea this product might be worth sampling.

Beachbody Performance Hydrate

As I mentioned earlier, I use the standard sports drinks on most intense or long run workouts.  Due to the high sugar content in the down-the-aisle products, I either dilute it to the max or find the “low sugar” and even then I mix with  water.  Overall, this was my most used product of the system.  In fact I am almost out which is a testament to how much I liked the beverage.  It is a citrus flavor but there is a smoothness to the consistency and taste.


To put this to the test, I ran my prescribed speed interval workouts and tempo runs on the treadmill with a 12 oz bottle.  Additionally, I had a separate bottle with just water.  This product worked for me as I sweated a storm through some of these torturous sessions on the mill.  I never felt dehydrated and I completed all of my workouts.  On the long runs, again I filled a 12 oz bottle in combination with water in my hydration pack.  I completed my runs ranging from 10-16 miles without any feeling of excessive thirst.

Beachbody Performance Recover

The post-run refuel is as critical as staying hydrated on the run (or ride).  I have never been very consistent with post-run nutrition often resulting in the all-too common delayed onset muscle soreness.  The Recover formula has a proprietary blend of proteins designed to speed the recovery process.  The drink has a mix of fast, intermediate, and slow release proteins as well as a complex mix of branched-chain amino acids.  It also uses a pomegranate extract to help with inflammation.  And, all this tastes like Chocolate!  Well mine does but I believe other flavors are available for those that do not like chocolate flavored beverages.


I mix this with water per the directions and consume during my icing process after a long run or workout.  I’m guessing this would taste great with low-fat milk or almond milk.  This worked very well for me and I do believe it helps with my daily recovery.  I do not use it after easy runs.  I probably could/should use it daily for consistency but I reserve it for those really tough days.

Beachbody Performance Recharge

This is a new concept to me – targeted nutritional overnight repair.  This formula is designed to be consumed shortly before sleep to aid the repair process that our bodies initiate during sleep.  Similar to Recover, it uses a complex blend of proteins, amino-acids, and tart cherry for anti-inflammatory purposes.  I understand the concepts in play but the jury remains out on this one for me.


I have the vanilla flavor mix and of the 4 products this is my least favorite.  Again, mixing with water per the directions, I found it rather watery and at times the powder clumped in the bottle despite quite rigorous shaking.  I’m not sure on this flavor and I have a hard time integrating this into my bed-time routine.


But, to experiment, I did use it to great effect in a post-run smoothie mixing with plain greek yogurt and a mix of organic sweet and tart cherries and strawberries.  And, my smoothie ended up matching the color of the container for a nice photo effect, score!! 🙂  It did taste really good when mixed in this manner.

Another BibRavePro, Lindsey also came up with a unique method to produce a better tasting version of the recharge product.  You can read her review at LivingLovingRunner.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this product test.  Using a high-intensity training plan certainly helped as I had almost daily test scenarios that allowed me to evaluate the system.  I really enjoyed the hydrate and recovery products and recommend them if you are interested in trying nutrient rich options.  I also think that the energize could be a great product for me and I will experiment with it some more.  Though breaking my coffee habit is not going to happen so I have to find the appropriate workouts in my schedule so I do not go into caffeine overload.  The recharge, I could become a believer given the scientific backing of the product but for me it needs to be as a dessert type smoothie.

I most certainly will look to replenish my hydrate and recover products, and samples are available from the BeachBody Performance website.  They also stand by all of their products with a 100% money back guarantee and ship worldwide.  It should be noted that this is a high-end nutrition system that comes with a price tag.  I would like to see some kind of discount code at some point or a frequent buyer rewards/points program.  But, with the money back guarantee they believe in their science and their product.  These nutrition products are all NSF Certified.

Interestingly, BeachBody performance is the official hydrate and recover product of the IronMan North American Series.

I hope you enjoyed the walk-through and review.  I have enjoyed testing the system and compiling these notes for you.  My thanks go to BeachBody Performance and BibRave for allowing me to participate in this product test.

You can also check out the reviews and opinions of the other BibRavePro BeachBody product testers:

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  • Any thoughts on your current hydration or nutrition system?

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!



5 thoughts on “Beachbody Performance Product Review

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Nice summary! You were obviously an ideal candidate to do the review. 🙂 Do they also do a gel ? I guess the Hydrate is ok if you’re running on a treadmill, (I could never do more than 30 minutes on one of them btw) but I never carry much liquid while I’m out training and, then, it’s usually water. This of course means you get an added ‘boost’ during a race! 🙂

  2. sarahdudek80

    Thank you for your excellent and honest review. I appreciate this as I have been hesitant about Beach Body products. Are they related to the classes? I’ve not been a huge fan of the Beach Body classes because coaches are ranked by the amount of products and classes they sell. I personally don’t like seeing a coaches’ level being ranked by how much product they sell. Unfortunately, it has tainted my view and kept me from purchasing their products. I will have to take a further look.

    1. James Post author

      Hi Sarah…thank you for checking out my review and providing some feedback – really appreciate your feedback from the perspective of a running coach. To answer your question this product test was not linked with any of the coaching programs. It was a separate test that was initiated through a partnership with BibRave which is how I ended up being part of this particular test. Overall, I liked the products, especially the hydrate. The recharge which is the overnight one I’m not so sure but scientifically I can see how it makes sense. I totally agree, I would be a bit tainted too from a coaching perspective if they are ranked in terms of sales. But, purely from a product perspective my experience was positive and, as you know, I was in the midst of a pretty intense training cycle so it was a good opportunity. Thanks for stopping by..hope you and the family are doing well!

  3. ifijustbreathe

    Nice review! I’m not that great with powdered drinks. The only thing I can remember to drink is water and even then, I fail from time to time. Glad you enjoyed the products!

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Mai! Yes, it does take some preperation. When I’m running or training from my home, it’s not a problem for me but on the road, I never really developed a good system for porting my powder mixes. One of the reviewers in our group though put the powder into small square tupperware containers and then put those into the mixer bottle when she was travelling for a race or workout, which I thought was a great idea! At the very least, don’t be forgetting your water now 🙂


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