Catching Up!

By | August 9, 2017

Catching Up

Wow, we are past the first week of August already and I have to admit I haven’t been able to regain my blogging momentum as much as I had hoped.  I find with blogging that as much as I enjoy writing and interacting with my relatively small circle of regular readers, there is just only so much time in the schedule.  And, it always seems that it is the blog updates that get put on ice!  I have no shortage of content – like many bloggers, I’m sure I’ve got more material than I will ever have time to write.  So, I’m going to commit to not making any blogging commitments but continue to read and interact with the other great sites that I follow regularly, and write when I can.  How’s that for a non-committed commitment 🙂  Now, for some catching up!


So, what’s up?!!!  It’s been crazy busy as always.  Life at global coffee central is still great.  I truly love my job and my company.  It does get crazy busy.  I had two huge project related releases in June and July that kept me plenty busy.  And, at times, plenty stressed.  But, we delivered and all is well.  August should be a little slower before a couple more very big initiatives that I’m managing for September and October.


Enough work stuff…I’ve been running too.  Yes, really!!  In my last post, I left you in Seattle on the Comeback Trail.  I have no specific race plans for this summer so have building back up slowly.  I have been cautious in my approach as I resume training not wanting to trigger a setback.  At times, you might argue, I have been taking the cautious approach a bit too much to heart and I need to get off my arse and get going again!

Running and Road Trips

Some of you that follow my wife’s blog already know that Paula is in the midst of training for her first ever full marathon.  She is working and running so hard and her training is impressively increasing.  She is actually inspiring me to get up and run again as each week her mileage towers over mine.  Like anyone training for a full 26.2, there are good days and dark days.  If you feel so inclined, head over to Never A Dull Bling and give her a cheer when you have a minute.  She also recently joined the ranks of the amazing BibRavePro team!


Talking of BibRavePro, I am currently testing 2 new products and so far am very impressed.  One is an amazing pair of recovery sandals known simply as Oofoos.  Strange name but once I tried them, I got the feel of the ooohhhh!!  I’ve also been sent a new pair of wireless headphones from AfterShokz which work on a bone conducting technology.  The ear pieces do not actually go in the ear so I was definitely skeptical.  But, on a couple of test runs so far they sound great and I am very picky when it comes to Bluetooth headsets.  I spent a year finding a solution in 2015.  More to come with some detailed reviews later in the month.


A week or so ago, AJ and I headed to Boise, Idaho for a quick family visit.  Boise is about 500 miles from Seattle so reachable in a long day of driving.  We split the trip on the way out as I had to work so we stopped over in Kennewick, WA about halfway.  We had a fun road trip and a good, albeit short, visit.  The running related highlight was my toughest trail run ever!  There is a local race known as the Wilson Creek Frozen 50 – a 50KM race in the middle of the Idaho winter through some treacherous canyons and hills.  There are also shorter distance options, including a 10 mile route with an elevation profile that looks like:


Starting before sunrise to beat the heat we headed out on what would an epic 10.6 mile run.  At times, I was calling this anything but epic though I had some quite descriptive language as I recall.  Quite an experience for sure!  I think the full flowing creek with head-high brush covering the trail on the descent after that insane climb leaving us to run the last couple miles in soaking shoes sums it up!  I was beat to submission but we enjoyed a fabulous adventure.  And, it was fun to relive after a couple beers later in the day when the hills were steeper, the cliff sides more treacherous, and the creek a raging river crossing!  Trail running and mountains are a completely different beast requiring a whole other mindset.  I’d definitely like to do more, just not anytime soon 🙂

Back in Seattle

Last weekend, having returned to the sanity of sea-level trails in Seattle, we made an impromptu decision to head to Seattle for our long run Sunday around Green Lake.  This is a very popular location in North Seattle and the glacial carved lake is surrounded by park space, trees, and a 2.8 mile multi-purpose paved trail.  So, around and around we went!  Unfortunately, I felt a tweak in my left calf after a couple miles.  By mile 4 or 5 this “tweak” had turned  into full blown pain and I had to resign to a run/walk/hobble repeat method until I submitted after 10.5 miles.  I cleaned up a bit and headed to the local Starbucks for refueling while PK went around again to finish her scheduled distance.

It just so happens that there is an amazing RoadRunner Sports right next to Green Lake so we had to make a stop and left with boxes in hand!  Nothing like new shoes to round off the running day and we each selected the Hoka Clifton 4’s.  We had such a great time, we’re almost certainly returning to run there this weekend.  I just hope that my calf will cooperate.  It’s also a very little known fact that Green Lake was actually the site of my first ever triathlon!  They host a partial indoor/outdoor triathlon series through the winter and early spring known as the RainMan.  The swim and bike is at the indoor pool facility and the run is a lap around the lake.


Other notes:

  • Seattle is in the midst of a record setting longest ever dry spell – 54 days of no measurable rainfall!!
  • For the past 2 weeks we have been engulfed with smoke from wildfires in British Columbia – that’s the overcast in the Green Lake pics…that should be a bright blue sky.

For fear of dragging this on too much, I’ll make this a wrap but it’s been fun catching up and back on the blogging scene.  I’ve enjoyed keeping up with everyone and I hope I can keep my updates a bit more frequent.  We have some pretty big race plans for the Fall/Winter with 3 more race-cations on the calendar, 2 of which will add to the State count!

  • Have you done any trail running/races, what are some of your favorites?
  • Any upcoming race plans?
  • Any favorite Starbucks (or other) summertime beverages – an iced coffee after a run is heavenly!!

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


11 thoughts on “Catching Up!

    1. James Post author

      Cant wait to try the Cliftons a few times around the lake on Sunday! Coffee on me 🙂

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Hi Jamesie, Good to have you back posting (& running of course). 🙂 You asked about trail races and my mind goes back to the days when my marathon running was more or less over as far as PR’s were concerned, so I started running further… One such even was called the Darlington Dash – with the strap line “A sprint it ain’t” as it was 36 miles long! The route was set out on hand-drawn maps, running across a series of A4 pages. So you had to navigate around the countryside as well as survive the distance. Luckily I got into a group who had done it before, so that made it somewhat easier. I forget what time I did now, but it was one trail event I’ll never forget. 🙂

    1. James Post author

      Cheers Mikey…good to be back running and writing, hopefully both will stay a bit more consistent as it seems like I just haven’t been able to get going since my back injury. Keeping my head up for a strong finish this year…I hope! Love the trail adventure race – I can only imagine hand drawn maps and a road atlas! The trails are certainly an experience and require a different mindset. Cheers mate!

  2. runningtotravel

    I’m sorry to hear about your calf. Hopefully you can get that worked out soon. I’ll have to hit you up for suggestions about Boise this spring. I’ve decided to run a half there in May based on all the great things I’ve heard about it. It’s a downhill race so hopefully it truly will be downhill without many uphill sections, but I’ve been fooled by so-called downhill races before!

    1. James Post author

      Hi Donna, yep hopefully the calf is nothing…will find out at the weekend! Awesome, on your Boise race, not sure which one is in May but definitely happy to share some insights when you start your planning!

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Chelsea! Yes, the trail run was a completely different experience for me – I can see how it requires a change in mindset! And, those recovery sandals are fabulous!

  3. Fallon @ Slacker Runner

    I’m pretty predictable in that the first thing I want post long run or race is a nice, cold Diet Coke. Yeah, I felt a little overwhelmed in June and July as well and my blogging took a hit. Your trip sounds fun! I love trail races but we don’t that many around here. Which is odd considering how many trails there are.

    1. James Post author

      Sorry, I missed this comment from last week!! Yes, the trails are a whole other beast…I just did another in Whistler, BC today but to date have only done one actual trail race – a 6 hour endurance loop run around a lake. I made it 26.2 miles and called it good! I’m sure I’ll try again sometime, maybe next year. Hope work is easing up a bit so you can get back on track!


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