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Marathon Training Checkin

It’s been several weeks since the last marathon training update and, behold, in just 3 weeks we will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for marathon number 2 of 2016 and state number 6.  So, time for a marathon training checkin. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, up and down, and wreaked havoc on my… Read More »

One thousand miles!

Or 1609.34 kilometers for my metric visitors…I wouldn’t normally write a post about just a single training run, but, given the relatively late start to my race training cycles, I wasn’t sure I would make the 4 digit milestone this year.  Today, 5.7 miles into the long run, I crossed the 1000 mile mark so paused for… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 5

Week 5 of Maui Oceanfront Training seemed like anything but marathon training!  The focus was on enjoying the Thanksgiving period and the shorter distance 5K and 10K races in Redmond and Mukilteo.  Originally, I had planned to maintain some kind of typical marathon volume that included those races, and while I didn’t miss every run or workout, let’s just… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 3

A quick recap of the Maui Oceanfront training from this past week as preparation ramps up a little in this cycle, with a look at how I actually performed versus how I was planning to perform.  This probably calls for one of those how I think I run versus how I actually run meme thingies…so if you have a good… Read More »

Training Summary Maui Week 1

Back in training and week 1 for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon is in the books…and time for a quick training summary.  It was really what I label a “break back in” period, after taking a couple of weeks to recover from Chicago.  This is probably the shortest post-marathon period that I’ve had before resuming training… Read More »

Week 13 Wrap!

Week 13, the highest volume week in my Chicago training plan…done! And, the cool little Strava bubbles prove it 🙂  I wont deny, I am so glad that the long week is done.  For the most part I held up, even extending the midweek run from 12 miles to 13.1, just because I was close… Read More »

Long Run Progression

On the eve of the final long run before Chicago, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the progression of my long runs through this training cycle.  Many runners are approaching their final long run for their Fall marathon or have just completed the last long run and are in the restless state… Read More »

Another week done!

Another week of training wraps up with the normal long run Sunday.  The planned mileage on the spreadsheet today listed 16, a step-back in terms of distance sandwiched between the 20 mile run last week and the 20-22 mile run planned for next weekend. This completes Week 12 – I think last week’s long run post was titled wrong…something to do… Read More »

Chicago Week 12 Long Run

I’ve spent some time and effort into getting the site established and hopefully I’ve been able to share the basic premise of my goal to run a marathon in each state.  I’ve also been reviewing many great sites out there in the running cyberspace and have already had some wonderful interactions with some great runners,… Read More »