Monthly Goals Check – August

By | September 23, 2016

Monthly Goals Check – August or alternatively “Why the heck is the monthly goals post for August coming out now?!”

Well, I actually finished this a couple weeks ago but had it sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the final read-through.  But, this turned into a very sad week for us with the passing of my Mother-In-Law, Joyce.  While doing all I can to support my wife, I’ve also had my own thoughts and sadness and have needed time to reflect.


It’s hard to figure out what is appropriate…writing upbeat posts about running, music, coffee, beer, racecations, travel, sports, and date days in Seattle is pretty much what this blog is about.  The idea is to be positive and address our accomplishments and write about overcoming challenges while sharing and interacting with an amazing community.  When a tragic event occurs what is right in terms of continuing the articles?  Should one pause for a certain amount of time?  Should posts reflect the sad and traumatic events that unfolded over the past couple of weeks?  There is no right answer.  I’m here for Paula this week and beyond, to help support her and get through this very difficult period.  Wifey wrote a great post that summarizes the emotions that she has experienced during this incredibly difficult period.


Our blogs and the friends and family that we interact with through our sites are very important to us.  We’ve met some wonderful people through our sites; genuine people that care to read a few paragraphs and chime in with a supporting or encouraging comment once in a while, or share an experience.  I thank each and every one of you for stopping by and taking the time to spend a few minutes with us once in a while.


I don’t have any of the answers to the questions that I posed above.  I have no idea if I should publish my monthly summary from a month ago but I only know one way to maintain this blog, this site, this journey.  And, with my Wife’s approval, I’m going to continue this week with this post.  We are also going to Bellingham as a family this weekend and we are going to run and we are going to do our best to run happy.  It is a huge part of our life, it’s how we experience the highest points (and sometimes the lowest of lows), and it’s how we recover.  That’s what we do.



So with that, back to August…

This is the monthly series where I actually go back to the turn of year and take a look back at the goals I set for the next 12 months and how things are coming along.  Or, alternatively the What The #$%! Was I Thinking Back Then update.

To recap, I set four major running related goals for 2016 focused on distance, PRs, marathon’s and a crazy year-long run streak of running a minimum of 2 miles every day.

Goal: Run 4 Marathons in 4 States


Status:  Complete!!

The first annual goal of 2016 was accomplished in July when I crossed the finish line at the Missoula Marathon on July 10th.  For the record, here’s the marathon summary for 2016:

Jan – HI, Maui Oceanfront

Apr – UT, Salt Lake City

Jun – WA, Rock ‘N Roll Seattle

Jul – MT, Missoula

And, in August I completed my first endurance trail race which resulted in running 26.26 miles for marathon number 10.  It was in Washington so it does not add to the State count, but it’s another completed marathon.  And, there is one more to go that will add to the list The Williams Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK in November.

PRPR at the mainstream distances

  • 5K – 23:16
  • 10K – 46:29
  • Half-Marathon – 1:44:12
  • Marathon – 3:59:55

Status:  no change.

This is not going to be a PR type of year and that’s just fine having already doubled my all-time marathon count.  I’ve got to experience some wonderful race events and there are many more to come.  The reality for me is that running this many marathons in a single year makes it very difficult to have a great training cycle that results in that perfect race that we need for a PR.  And, I’m fine with that, at least for this year.  I can add a PR for distance covered in a 6 hour endurance event – 26.26 miles at the Hamster.  But, that’s probably not really a “mainstream” type race.  But, I’m in a good spot and very happy with my 2016 racing year.

Run 1500 miles

Status:  896 miles – more than a little behind (and falling further back)

1500 miles for the year requires a monthly average of 125.

Current monthly average = 112.

Jan-125 Feb-146 Mar-162 Apr-108 May-134 Jun-61 Jul-98 Aug-62

Current projection = 1344  156 below goal.

Gotta kick it up a notch in September and October as this goal is still achievable, but it’s going to take some catching up.

Run Streak

Status:  ended at 147

No need to keep repeating what happened with this goal but if you are interested you can read it in a previous summary.

Other Stuff

A few other mostly useless stats for the month and my favorite category 🙂

  • Total runs: 9
  • Total distance: 62 miles (99 km, hmm shoulda gone out for another thousand meters)
  • Races: 1
  • Longest run:  26.3 miles (42.3 km)
  • Average run length: 6.9 miles (11.1 km)
  • Average run pace: 11:10 mpm (6:56 mpkm) slowest average pace for any month in 2016 for the third month in a row, this might be a streak worth breaking!
  • Blog articles:  8
  • 2016 Total tweets:  2310
  • Blog views for August:  513 which is up from 427 – thank you!!
  • Blog views for 2016:  4,653 – thank you even more 🙂
  • Endurance Trail Ultra’s completed:  1
  • Endurance Trail Ultra’s completed in road running shoes:  1
  • 50K’s:  0 (I’ll be back)
  • Number of sports watched that I wont watch again for another 4 years (remember the Olympics?):  22
  • Most unlikely Olympic sport that I’ll ever admit to watching (and had to find out who won):  Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Times hiked to top of Hurricane Ridge:  1

August in Pictures

A small gallery with a few fun pics from a fun month of running, racing, and summer in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Do you have a trail race experience to share?
  • How are your 2016 goals shaping up?
  • Is your passion also an outlet that helps you through the tough times?  Does writing help you?

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


13 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Check – August

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Dorothea…it was good for us and I’m glad we went. Nowhere near my best in terms of time but the fact that we were able to just get away and take a short break was what counted.

  1. Katrina

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. It sounds like you are a great support to your wife. Hope you guys had a restorative weekend in Bellingham.

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Katrina, it was good to get away overnight and enjoy the race in Bellingham best we could. Probably not our most favorite mini-racecation ever given the circumstances but I do think it helped. Hope things are going well for you…I have a bit of blog catching up to do!

    1. James Post author

      Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I’ve heard great things about Twin Cities and it is on the list for when we add MN to the schedule.

  2. Robyn

    I’m so sorry about your mother in law. Sounds like you are being a wonderful support for your wife. I love the stats, the goals and the pics – way to go on completing 4 more marathons in 4 states! Great post!

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Robyn for the kind words, very much appreciated. It was of course a very difficult week and will take some time for my wife to adjust but we will get through it best we can. And, part of that process will include our continued running, racing, and travelling.


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