Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – April 2017

By | May 16, 2017

Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – April 2017

Yes, it’s Monday Tuesday, and we should be discussing the latest update to the Motivational Music Monday series.  But, I have to catch up on the monthly review!

Time for a look back at the previous month in running with the Monthly Miles and Dorky Data post for April.  In case you missed the first quarter of the year, I like to take a lighthearted look back at the last month.   It’s mostly running related with a few other odds and ends thrown in for good measure.  This was just about on schedule when I started this post 14 days ago!  Anyways here’s the Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – April 2017 edition.


2017 Goals

The goals that I’ve set this year are not as rigid as 2016 to allow for some flexibility.  In other words, I reserve the right to modify them a bit as I go! I’m keeping them pretty simple but they should provide some discussion material.


A carry-over from last year but I really want to focus on the marathon time.  When I look at my PRs at the other distances, I should track to a better time for 26.2/42.2.  I’d be thrilled if I just eclipse my marathon time this year.  I’ll take any other distances along the way if I’m close though.

  • Marathon – 3:59:55
  • Half-Marathon – 1:44:12
  • 10K – 46:29
  • 5K – 23:16


In the big scheme, total distance for the year is really not that important.  Except, I gotta have a distance goal so I can build a ridiculously complex spreadsheet utilizing useless formula that I never get to use for anything else.  Besides, I can hardly have a post with Dorky Data in the title without actually having any dorky data to share 🙂

Distance goal for 2017 is 1,253 miles…a perfectly logical target.

(which when converted equals 2,017 km)


After so many great races last year which included stops in Maui, Missoula, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, Bellingham, and Seattle, 2017 will be scaled back a bit.  But, I need a spot to put my map each month so we’re going for:

  • 2 marathons in 2 new states.
    • First one was going to be Reno, NV on April 30 – but plans changed
    • First marathon of the year will be the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 4th in Port Angeles, Washington.  That will not, however, check a new State.
    • We (as in Paula and me) will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC on October 22nd.  This (as far as I know) counts for Virginia.
    • I will be running Rock N Roll San Antonio marathon in December as a BibRavePro ambassador.

The map has changed (Blue is complete…Green is registered/scheduled).


Stretch Goals

A couple others that would be nice to achieve but will be more challenging this year based on our current schedule.

  • 3 marathons in 3 new states – this is becoming not so likely.  I plan to complete 3 marathons but one will be in our “home” state of Washington.
  • 50K Ultra.  Almost added this as a race goal but calendar could be a challenge.  Looking at a North Face Challenge event later in the year, possibly.  Or, maybe a local opportunity that I can just squeeze in somewhere – not sure on this one.  Won’t rule it out just yet.
  • Century bike ride.  Considering springtime in Seattle was one of the wettest on record, I haven’t given much thought to starting the cycling fun.  I am going to get got a new bike computer though because one can never have enough GPS techno gadget devices 🙂
  • Complete another triathlon.  This may becoming slightly more possible.  It will not be the IronMan 70.3 Canada that I previously referenced.  But, I am thinking of getting back in the water in August at a local sprint or olympic distance event.

Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – Races and PRs

April was a good month for racing with 2 events on the schedule.  A fun day out with the Seahawks at the annual Seahawks 12K Run At The Landing and the Downtown River Run Half-Marathon in Reno, Nevada.  The Seahawks race being a non-standard distance resulted in a PR as I finished…so I now have an official PR for the 7.45 miles 🙂

As far as a half-marathon PR in Reno is concerned.


But, I did finish.


Next up…

  • North Olympic Discovery Marathon – first marathon of 2017 is June 4th on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, WA.


Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – Distance Challenge

  • 1253 miles for the year requires a monthly average of 104.
  • April mileage = 117
  • Current 2017 monthly average = 127
  • Projected total for the year = 1589
  • Projected difference from goal +336

This is a fun one for me to track and while I am ahead of schedule I will not maintain there is no way in hell I will continue the intense Hanson’s plan after the June 4 marathon.  But, next time I target a PR, we’ll be talking again.

The Running Stuff

  • Total runs month: 16  (-7 from previous month)
  • Total runs year:  75
  • Total distance month: 117 miles/188 km (-63 miles/-101 km from previous month)
  • Total distance year:  509 miles/819 km
  • Longest run month:  15 miles (24 km)
  • Longest run year:  16 miles (26 km)
  • Average run length month: 7.3 miles (11.7 km)
  • Average run length year:  6.9 miles (11.1 km)
  • Average run pace month: 9:21 mpm (5:48 mpkm)
  • Average run pace year: 9:34 mpm (5:56 mpkm)
  • Average days run per week:  4.4
  • Number of stats that I track by average 🙂 :  5, well technically 9 if you count the metric conversion!
  • Percent days run year:  63%
  • Total Races: 3

The Dorky Data

  • Blog articles:  6
  • Site views for April:  528, thank you!
  • Site views for 2017:  2,249, thank you again!
  • Blog comments for April:  64
  • Blog comments for 2017:  306
  • Monthly Tweets:  258
  • 2017 Tweets:  736
  • Bike rides:  2
  • Bike mileage:  20
  • BibRavePro product tests: 2
  • Items found at Costco that weren’t on the list but you gotta have:  1,252 (for those outside of the US, Costco is a very large warehouse store that has all kinds of items from food to drink to pharmacy to electronics to tools to gadgets to toys to clothes and just about everything in between, including vacation packages and cars!)

Damn right I need a new freakin’ Kayak and a hat 🙂

(I didn’t get a boat though…or the hat for that matter)

Top 10 Worldwide Blog Visitors That looks Like The Olympic Medal Table But Not Really

Always fun to take a quick look at the views from around the world.  I love geography and related trivia so I find it fascinating to look at the views by country stats.  Even though he ran a marathon last month, Switzerland Mike held onto third place but it’s great hearing from everyone.  SRG and Dorothea…so close but I think Dorothea might have been in the US for some of the time!  Thanks to everyone from around the world for stopping by – I enjoy visiting all your sites on my blog travels too!


April in Pictures

And, finally, a small gallery with a few fun pics from the month – running, beer, and coffee is pretty much the theme here!

  • How was your April?
  • What are your race/running/cycling/triathlon aspirations this year?
  • Any major goals this year?

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


13 thoughts on “Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – April 2017

  1. Robyn

    Nice going, James! Great planned races and great stretch goals. I have a few of those myself. Great job running and blogging – nice numbers for both! You are doing great!

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Robyn! I like to track each month but I’m definitely being more flexible with my expectations this year!

  2. wanderwolf

    Clearly, more than half my views came from the US in April, so I beat both Mike and SRG and deserve bronze. 🙂
    Nice round up of data and goals. I love all the photos and whoa! Paula has stunningly gorgeous eyes.

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Dorothea…you made Paula’s day right there but yes, she does have lovely eyes!! We’ll have to send your claim to bronze to the official arbitration review board of blog tracking standings committee 🙂 Glad you like the pics and hope you’re having a great week…I’m a bit behind in my blog catching up and am already late on the next MMM post of the week!

      1. wanderwolf

        Well, if I could make Paula happy, my day is made too.
        When will I hear from the official arbitration review board of blog tracking standings committee? (Geez, isn’t there an acronym? OAR BoB TraStanC?)
        And it’s all good as far as catching up. If you wait just a little longer, you can just publish it on-time on Monday. 🙂

    2. SlowRunnerGirl

      That does not count. You are only running for Germany. This month I won MUHAHAHAHA 😂🤗🍾🎂😆🏃‍♀️

  3. neveradullbling

    Loving the minions there! They totally fit! And that picture of you in the Costco hat… awesome. You should’ve got it, hehe! 😉

    1. James Post author

      I love my Minions and rockin’ that Costco hat…I wish I had bought it, if nothing for all the photo ops 🙂 Hugs!!!

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Sophie! Yeah, it is one of my fun posts to write – it seems like I track so many stats and numbers whether it’s running or work related, so I enjoy taking a lighthearted look at everything 🙂 Hope you’ve recovered post-London and are back at it getting ready for a trail race, right?! Have a great week…Cheers!!


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