Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – March 2017

By | April 9, 2017

Time for a look back at the previous month in running with the Monthly Miles and Dorky Data post for March.  Most runners keep track of some stats to a certain degree.  I think I fall into the category of keep track of just about any stat I can find to the most infinite degree possible 🙂 I like to take a lighthearted look back at the last month and wrap it around the main theme of the site.  Slightly behind schedule here’s the Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – March 2017 edition.

For those of you that may have missed last month’s version you can catch up at Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – February 2017. The premise is relatively simple and follows the series of monthly reviews that I put together in 2016. This year I’m keeping it lighthearted while taking a tongue in cheek look back at some running and life stuff from the previous month.

Mikey – no worries mate you don’t have to go scrolling down, you got 3rd again!

I usually follow a standard agenda so let’s get started!

2017 Goals

The goals that I’ve set this year are not as rigid as 2016 to allow for some flexibility.  In other words, I reserve the right to modify them a bit as I go! I’m keeping them pretty simple but they should provide some discussion material.


A carry-over from last year but I really want to focus on the marathon time.  When I look at my PRs at the other distances, I should track to a better time for 26.2/42.2.  I recently posted about my current pacing plans.  I also plan to write about some time specific marathon stuff in another article.  I’d be thrilled if I just eclipse my marathon time this year.  I’ll take any other distances along the way if I’m close though.

  • Marathon – 3:59:55
  • Half-Marathon – 1:44:12
  • 10K – 46:29
  • 5K – 23:16


In the big scheme, total distance for the year is really not that important.  Except, I gotta have a distance goal so I can build a ridiculously complex spreadsheet utilizing useless formula that I would never get to use any other time.  Besides, I can hardly have a post with Dorky Data in the title without actually having any dorky data to share 🙂

Distance goal for 2017 is 1,253 miles…a perfectly logical target.

(which when converted equals 2,017 km)


After so many great races last year which included stops in Maui, Missoula, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, Bellingham, and Seattle, 2017 will be scaled back a bit.  But, I need a spot to put my map each month so we’re going for:

  • 2 marathons in 2 new states.
    • First one was going to be Reno, NV on April 30 – but plans have changed!
    • First marathon of the year will be the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 4th in Port Angeles, WA.  That will not, however, check a new State.
    • We (as in Paula and me) will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC on October 22nd.  This (as far as I know) counts for Virginia.
    • I will be running Rock N Roll San Antonio marathon in December as a BibRavePro ambassador.

The map has changed (Blue is complete…Green is registered/scheduled).


Stretch Goals

A couple others that would be nice to achieve but will be more challenging this year based on our current schedule.

  • 3 marathons in 3 new states – this is becoming not so likely.  I plan to complete 3 marathons but one will be in our “home” state of WA.
  • 50K Ultra.  Almost added this as a race goal but calendar could be a challenge.  Looking at a North Face Challenge event later in the year, possibly.  Or, maybe a local opportunity that I can just squeeze in somewhere – not sure on this one.  Won’t rule it out just yet.
  • Century bike ride.  Considering March was one of the wettest on record, I haven’t given much thought to starting the cycling fun.  I am going to get a new bike computer though because one can never have enough GPS techno gadget devices 🙂
  • Complete another triathlon.  This may becoming slightly more possible.  It will not be the IronMan 70.3 Canada that I previously referenced.  But, I am thinking of getting back in the water in August at a local sprint or olympic distance event.


Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – Races and PRs

Now that goal nonsense is out of the way and 2017 is 1/4 complete, let’s take a look back at March.

The Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon kicked off my race year on March 4th.  It was a good race to lead off the year and my 4th time at this event.  I had a decent race coming in just a little over 1:50 aligning with my target.  Nowhere near a HM PR but certainly on the faster side for me.  Overall, I was happy with my consistency on my mile splits and felt like it was a good effort.


Next up…

  • Seahawks 12K Run at The Landing.  Go 12’s, Go ‘Hawks, and a 12 Bling! (Completed today).
  • Reno Half-Marathon, aka The Downtown River Run.
  • North Olympic Discovery Marathon – first marathon of 2017 is June 4th on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, WA.

Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – Distance Challenge

  • 1253 miles for the year requires a monthly average of 104.
  • March mileage = 180
  • Current 2017 monthly average = 131
  • Projected total for the year = 1611
  • Projected difference from goal +358

In project management this report would be green all over 🙂  Keep in mind though, I will not maintain the intense Hanson’s training plan after the June 4 marathon.  These projected numbers will drop.

The Running Stuff

  • Total runs month: 23  (+1 from previous month)
  • Total runs year:  59
  • Total distance month: 180 miles/289 km (+23 miles/+37 km from previous month)
  • Total distance year:  392 miles/631 km
  • Longest run month:  16 miles (26 km)
  • Longest run year:  16 miles (26 km)
  • Average run length month: 7.8 miles (12.5 km)
  • Average run length year:  6.7 miles (10.8 km)
  • Average run pace month: 9:32 mpm (5:55 mpkm)
  • Average run pace year: 9:37 mpm (5:59 mpkm)
  • Average days run per week:  4.6
  • Percent days run year:  65%
  • Races: 1

The Dorky Data

  • Blog articles:  7
  • Site views for March:  734, thank you!
  • Site views for 2017:  1,721, thank you again!
  • Blog comments for March:  102
  • Blog comments for 2017:  242
  • Monthly Tweets:  205
  • 2017 Tweets:  478
  • Sunny days in Seattle: 1.75
  • Rainy days in Seattle:  every other day in the month

Top 10 worldwide visitors blog table that looks like the Olympic medal table but not really

Always fun to take a quick look at the views from around the world.  I love geography and related trivia so I find it fascinating to look at the views by country stats.  Alpine Mike held onto third for Switzerland while scoring for the UK as well during his trips so he helped count for second and third, or is that a bit of an own goal, not sure!!  But, it’s all good and just for fun anyways.  A big thanks to everyone for stopping by last month no matter corner of the world you are checking in from 🙂


In addition to the top 10, thank you to all my visitors from:

Cayman Islands
Saudi Arabia
Czech Republic
Côte d’Ivoire
European Union
South Korea

March in Pictures

And, finally, a small gallery with a few fun pics from the month – running, beer, coffee, wine, and rain is the theme!

  • How was your March?
  • What are your race/running/cycling/triathlon aspirations this year?
  • Any major goals this year?

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


13 thoughts on “Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – March 2017

    1. James Post author

      hahaha, or maybe the WordPress plugin has been hacked by Russia to influence the standings on my blog 🙂

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    I didn’t know you could tell that I logged onto your site while I was in the UK… But, yes, that was a bit of an own goal, though I can claim to have some silver now… 🙂

    1. James Post author

      I can’t really tell where you logged in from per se…but one day I think you left a comment and I was clicking around my web stats and on that particular day my only visitors were from the US and the UK. I figured it was during one of your hiking adventures back in the Motherland so deduced you must have been checking in on route somewhere…call me Sherlock, eh 🙂 Cheers mate!

      1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

        Ah – I see, very clever. Though my mobile phone is pretty useless when it comes to WordPress, as my login screen keeps appearing and filling the visible area, so I have to be quick when scrolling down (and holding onto the new part of the screen) even to approve something before it covers it up again. I’ve tried logging out but it reappears. I think I need a new phone! I also borrowed my sister’s laptop while I was staying there, so maybe that was it. Good detective work anyway! Though I’m pleased I hung there for bronze. 🙂

  2. runningtotravel

    Have you been to San Antonio before? I ran a half there several years ago and had a lot of fun exploring the area afterwards. D.C. is also a fun city with a TON to do there. You should definitely try to schedule in some time to visit some of the Smithsonian museums. I’ve got 2 more half marathons for the year- one in New Jersey in May and one in West Virginia in the fall. It’s definitely manageable for me.

    1. James Post author

      Hi Donna…no, we have not been to San Antonio before but have heard great things. We’ll be spending a few extra days in DC to explore and do some sightseeing. Hope to explore SA a bit as well but our time will be a bit more limited on that trip. Glad to hear you have a couple more fun trips planned too!

  3. ifijustbreathe

    I like the breakdown of all the data. 🙂 My plan was to try and run 1000 miles this year, but I’m struggling a little bit to keep the mileage up. I’ve fallen a bit short in March and am hoping that the extra mileage I ran in January and February will make up for it. haha

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Mai!! It is fun to crunch the numbers and take a look back at the month. 1,000 miles is a great goal and I’m sure you’ll catch up or get ahead soon enough…but you’ve had some great races already!

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Mum!! Yep, I have stats to keep track of stats 🙂 I would find more if I had enough time, but then I could add cycling into the mix, if I had a brand new bike computer or something, hmmm!!!!

      1. J Wilson

        Maybe I need a stat for shopping!! haha and I am not talking grocery shopping. Mum


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