Motivational Music Monday #15

By | May 29, 2016

It’s Sunday night again (no boooooo’s this week as it’s a holiday weekend, yayyyyy, at least it is in the US and UK), and while it is a holiday weekend, it is also time for the fifteenth edition of Motivational Music Monday!  The blog has been a bit slow over the past couple weeks due to a lot of other life stuff that has taken precedence.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on track soon and resuming at least a couple posts each week.

Here’s a quick look back at the last week…

I’ve actually been on vacation since Thursday and will be out until next Friday when I go back to the office for my final day before starting the next steps in my career.  Mum has joined us from the Motherland for a couple of weeks for her annual visit and we are enjoying spending some time in-person and getting out and about – so far it’s consisted of a lot of shopping and some great lunches!


We had a lot of fun on a Saturday afternoon trip to La Connor, WA…a pretty little waterfront town with arts and crafts stores to explore and great restaurants and bakeries to sample.


Mum posed for a wiggle in front of an art piece called the The Big Red Wiggle.


A fun day out all around.


The run streak endeth…after 147 days I made the decision to abandon the year long 2 mile minimum daily run goal for 2016.  I had started to experience quite a bit of pain in both knees even during the easy recovery pace runs.  It was a bit of a sharp pain that just felt like at any given moment it could develop into something severe.  The easy runs were becoming far harder and it became apparent that the risk of a more serious injury was too great to ignore.


When I started the goal, I maintained that if health or injury was in jeopardy, I would stop.  While I was a bit disappointed, Wifey pointed out that trying to combine this kind of streak with 5 marathons (and an endurance ultra) in the same year was always going to be challenging and the races are far more important.  With that in mind, I took 48+ hours off and came back today nicely refreshed and pain-free ready to finish up my taper period for RnR Seattle.  Longevity and completing the race schedule won over, and I am fine with the decision.  And, 147 days in a row is not all that bad!


New gear…love my Brooks and adding new Glycerin’s and Ghost’s to the rotation. Wifey approving with the photo bomb – something AJ has been doing all weekend 🙂


And, today we got to meet a wonderful fellow blogger and runner, Judy from Chocolate Runs Judy who was visiting the Seattle area for the weekend.  We had a fabulous lunch in Bellevue and a great visit for the afternoon.  Hopefully, we will get to meet again on our travels or at a start line somewhere along the 50 states!

That’s the highlights for this week so time to crank up the tunes with a look back at the hit list in weeks 1-14.

motivational music monday musicnoteMMM #1:  OneRepublic – Love Runs Out

MMM #2:  Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse

MMM #3:  Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell

MMM #4:  Drowning Pool – Bodies

MMM #5:  Flo Rida – In the Ayer

MMM #6:  Lady Gaga – Poker Face

MMM #7:  DNCE – Cake by the Ocean

MMM #8:  Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

MMM #9:  Alient Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

MMM #10: Prince – Little Red Corvette

MMM #11: Train – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

MMM #12: X Ambassadors – Jungle

MMM #13: Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

MMM #14: Michael Buble – Sway

Week 14 Reader Picks

Here are the selections from the readers last week along with the links to their awesome blogs.

Also thanks to Nathasha, Robert, and Mum for joining in the conversation last week!!

Week 15 Selection

This week, as I mentioned, we are enjoying a great visit with Mum and offered up a selection as I was drafting this week’s article.  This is a fabulous rendition from the album, If I Can Dream – a 2015 Elvis Presley album featuring archival vocal recordings of Elvis accompanied by new orchestral arrangements by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Elvis Presley and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Burning Love

Definitely an upbeat arrangement worthy of a running/workout/training playlist…enjoy!!

  • Any Elvis favorites or orchestral arrangements in your workout list?
  • Anything goes so if Elvis or orchestra’s are not quite your cup of tea, shout out this week’s favorite below!

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


9 thoughts on “Motivational Music Monday #15

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus

    Hi Jamesy. That was a good idea to stop the every day run idea. Although we still think we’re 21 and invincible, our bodies need to recover! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and last day in the office. A new chapter is opening up… 🙂

  2. Chris

    Smart training to stop the runstreak! I’ve always said that I would not keep doing it myself if it hurt me and particularly if you have a heavy race schedule like you do.

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Chris…yeah, it was a tough decision but I had to go with my priorities for the year which for me is the races and it was just making the training too challenging. I’m good with it and have been enjoying some rest as I start the taper for RnR Seattle. Love following your amazing streak and best of luck as you continute…having sampled just a small streak compared to yours, I have a good insight of just how difficult it is!! Cheers!

  3. wanderwolf

    Have I suggested this one before? It’s “Bangarang” by Skrillex. I save it for intervals or tempo workouts. At one point, it goes “race” and there’s no way one can’t listen! It sounds even better than the you-tube version in one’s headphones.
    But yes, I know you may be surprised to see me again. I’ve been out of the loop and apparently missed a lot from your end!
    First of all, happy anniversary. 🙂 You and Paula are lovely together.
    Also, congrats on the job change! Even if it seems like it was a stressful decision and it’s kind of scary, I wish you all the best in your new adventure, when it starts.
    Having your mom visit seems really nice. I like her wiggle dance.
    Finally, I’m sorry to read about the end of your run streak, but it’s really a smart decision (I got to that point too… when running isn’t fun, or doing it too much threatens knowing you’ll be doing it a month from now, it’s time to take a break). And you made it 147 days! That’s impressive!!
    So, up next is the start at the new job, and a marathon!
    Can’t wait to see how it goes.

    1. James Post author

      Hi Dorothea,

      So nice to hear from you again!! Thanks for the kind words and comments…we have had a lot going on just recently, so my blog has taken a bit of a backseat as well. New job starts next week and hopefully will get back to writing a few more updates once I’ve had a chance to adjust to the new surroundings, but I’m super excited! Looking forward to catching up on your posts too and thanks for the music contribution – you haven’t suggested that one before so will definitely check it out! Best!

  4. Katrina

    Wow, congrats on making it 147 days! Sounds like a smart move to back off the run streak, especially in light of your other plans for the year as your wife pointed out!! Hope that does the trick and curbs your knee pain. Enjoy the rest of your vacation time and time with your mom!

    Oh, and I used to have Elvis’s Suspicious Mind and A Little Less Converstation on my MP3 players (back when people used MP3 players loooong before the iPod, let alone the iPhone!)

    1. James Post author

      That is a great pick Katrina and totally agree they are some fun tunes! I’m definitely at ease with ending the run streak and looking forward to the rest of the race calendar year.

    1. James Post author

      Great pick and adding to the reader shoutout list…tell Angela hello!!


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