Motivational Music Monday #47

By | May 10, 2017

Motivational Music Monday on a Wednesday Birthday Edition

Where were we?!!  Oh right, been a busy couple weeks and while I’ve been a bit absent from the blog recently, I have been doing my best to keep up with everyone on the reader.  But, nothing like a Wednesday edition of Motivational Music Monday to get the ball rolling again.  And, to mark the occasion, we’ll make it a birthday edition.  That would be my birthday, yayyy!!! It’s not an age-group changer though so nothing too much to get excited about.  The day started with an extra early leadership review so had to be at coffee HQ a bit sharpish.  No celebrations planned for during the week though we will do something at the  weekend.

I got some new sunnies courtesy of BibRave and XX2i.  These will be my next product test and I gotta say they fit great and look kinda cool…pretty badass bandana too eh?!! 🙂  I have a 50% discount for those shades on my gear page.


I think I was more excited that today was designated rest day on my back to the final month of the Hanson’s training plan.  You’ll recall, I changed my marathon plans so that my first 26.2 of 2017 will be at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 4.  Training dropped off a bit in April with just the half in Reno at the end of the month.  But, now it’s time to resume the final month of the Hansons marathon plan, which happens to be about the hardest.  Yay, for rest day after 6 straight days of running finishing with the 9 mile strength run last night.  I’m not sure if backing off for a month in the middle of the plan will have a detrimental effect.  I fear that it might but there’s only one way to find out and it’s full throttle in May.

Catching Up

I mentioned the half-marathon in Reno briefly, and I’ll keep it at that.  In terms of overall race performance, it was one of my worst half-marathons.  I hit pace in the first couple miles but was completely gassed.  My heart rate was elevated and I could not maintain any kind of consistent pace on the rolling hills.  I am certain that the altitude had a huge impact.  Training at sea level and running at almost 5,000 ft is a huge transition.  While I still finished in the top 30% it was a tough race.  And, I won’t deny I struggled mightily.  But, it’s in the rear view mirror and time to look ahead to the next challenge.


Training is back in full swing as I mentioned.  We’ve even enjoyed a couple of sunshiny runs in the Seattle area the past few days.  Back on the trail and in pursuit of the marathon PR!

I plan on writing a post about marathon goals this year.  But, I don’t mind setting the stall and declaring that I am targeting a new marathon in PR in June.  This requires a finish better than 3:59:55.  Even, with the awful half-marathon result, I am hoping that my earlier training combined with a big running month in May will result in a great race in Port Angeles.  And, if it doesn’t, then after a few beers and the normal post-marathon celebration, I’ll start planning the next attempt.


I  have some catching up to do on the blog but not in a single mega-post.  I don’t have time to write it all and if I did, noone has time to read it all 🙂  I haven’t forgotten the monthly recap – it’s halfway done and on the way.  I also have an interesting Q&A lined up with a local running Doctor who has some great insight into running injury prevention and treatment.  As well as touching on Breaking2 and Moonshots.  But, for now, we need to take care of the standard agenda.

Music and Stuff

Time to take a look at the playlist.  I think this list is getting a bit long so I’m likely going to move the historical list to a dedicated page.  But, for this week it’s in the normal place.

You can find the Motivational Music Monday playlist on Spotify by searching my user name jamhar2016.

  • MMM #1:  OneRepublic – Love Runs Out
  • MMM #2:  Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse
  • MMM #3:  Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell
  • MMM #4:  Drowning Pool – Bodies
  • MMM #5:  Flo Rida – In the Ayer
  • MMM #6:  Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  • MMM #7:  DNCE – Cake by the Ocean
  • MMM #8:  Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run
  • MMM #9:  Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
  • MMM #10: Prince – Little Red Corvette
  • MMM #11: Train – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
  • MMM #12: X Ambassadors – Jungle
  • MMM #13: Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains
  • MMM #14: Michael Buble – Sway
  • MMM #15: Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Burning Love
  • MMM #16: Fitz and the Tantrums – The Walker
  • MMM #17: Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll
  • MMM #18: A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran
  • MMM #19: The Commitments – Mustang Sally
  • MMM #20: Kongos – Come With Me Now
  • MMM #21: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
  • MMM #22: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – If You Leave
  • MMM #23: Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
  • MMM #24: Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • MMM #25:  The Chainsmokers featuring Daya – Don’t Let Me Down
  • MMM #26:  Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
  • MMM #27:  AC/DC – It’s A Long Way to The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll)
  • MMM #28: Sia featuring Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills
  • MMM #29: Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands
  • MMM #30: The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
  • MMM #31: The Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  • MMM #32: Maroon 5 – Harder To Breathe
  • MMM #33: Simply Three – Counting Stars
  • MMM #34: Usher – Yeah!
  • MMM #35:  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
  • MMM #36:  Paul McCartney, The Beatles – Birthday Song
  • MMM #37:  Michael Buble – Blue Christmas
  • MMM #38: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody and Queen w/Adam Lambert – Dont Stop Me Now
  • MMM #39:  Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats – S.O.B.
  • MMM #40:  Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  • MMM #41:  Nirvana and 2 Cellos – Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • MMM #42:  Cher – Turn Back Time
  • MMM #43:  Panic! At The Disco – Victorious
  • MMM #44:  Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Runnin’ Down A Dream
  • MMM #45:  Motley Crue – Same Old Situation
  • MMM #46:  Twenty One Pilots – Ride

Week 46 Reader Picks

Thank you to everyone that commented last week!  Got a lot of likes and nice comments for the bike ride video.

Keep ’em coming, I’m always looking for more to add to my Spotify Library!

Coffee and Stuff

A couple weeks ago we were in the midst of the Unicorn mania with Starbucks getting all kinds of media attention.  This past week, Frappuccino Happy Hour has been in progress.  Half-price Frappuccinos from participating stores 3-6pm every day.  Now, I will admit I’m not too much into the dessert type beverages on offer at the the world’s greatest coffee shop – I prefer the dark roast coffees and amazing blends.  But, the summer Frappuccino season kicked-off with 2 signature flavors, one of which is a brand new offering that I had to try.

The Midnight Mint Mocha from the website;

We’ve paired the dynamic duo of dark cocoa and refreshing mint with our Frappuccino® Roast Coffee, milk and ice. Next we infuse the blended chocolatey beverage with cooling mint sugar crystals, cut in a layer of whipped cream, then top it with more whipped cream and a dusting of dark cocoa. Don’t wait to dig in: This chocolate-lovers dream is only here for a limited time.

And, yes it was that good!!  Actually not too sweet and an amazing flavor.  If you get a chance to try one, I highly recommend…and if you get a chance before May 14, it’s half price!


I usually pair a coffee selection with a beer that I might have stumbled upon over the past couple weeks.  I found this gem in the local mart on Friday.  Red Hook is a very popular brewery in the Seattle but I’d never seen this very rich and strong Imperial IPA known as a Big Ballard!  Named for Red Hook’s roots in the Ballard area of North Seattle.  Cheers!



I think I’ve probably mentioned that on my way home from the office, I pass Century Link Field, best known as the home of the Seahawks and Sounders.  But, being a large stadium venue, it also hosts some pretty big-time concerts.


This Sunday is U2, the Joshua Tree tour.  Unless we make a crazy spontaneous decision over the weekend, we won’t be going but Metallica, maybe…hmmm, think I might have to try to talk Paula into a crunching rockin’ date night 🙂  So, while we might not be hanging with Bono and the boys, here’s a great song from U2…whether you’re running, riding, following you passion, or just spending time with family and friends every day should be beautiful – like birthdays 🙂

U2 – Beautiful Day


  • Your turn – running, racing, training plans right now?
  • Do you remember the Joshua Tree album from 1987?!!
  • Beverage of choice over the past week or so…beer, wine, Starbucks or otherwise.
  • Song suggestions…shout them out!!

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


28 thoughts on “Motivational Music Monday #47

    1. James Post author

      Thank you so much!! Been a decent week but the midweek parties are a thing of the past for me. I will splurge on a couple beers over the weekend though and am enjoying a real nice glass of red wine tonight! Hope everything is going great in Ireland…loving the pics on your blog, I usually see them on my train ride to the office that goes alongside the water into Seattle, I just can’t comment because I have no phone signal most of the time! Cheers!

      1. SlowRunnerGirl

        Thanks! Happy you like the pics. I actually took one for Paula yesterday, but forgot to upload. Will do today. We had a couple of wonderfully sunny days. Now rain is ahead … Don’t worry about not commenting.
        Enjoy the wine 😄

  1. neveradullbling

    Hmmm, I don’t think I have anything penciled in on Metallica night… I might possibly probably could maybe be talked into it. 😉 No comment on your song choice though. 😂 Hope you’ve had a happy day! The best is yet to come!!

    1. James Post author

      Maybe we can find the mellow section at the Metallica concert 🙂 And, thank you for a lovely birthday week, hugs!!

  2. wanderwolf

    Happy belated Birthday, James!! And many happy returns.
    Put that half in the rear view mirror and know that even if it was awful and you may have dropped a bit in mileage last month, the effort of that 5000 ft. above sea level race will have benefited you in some way positively. I can feel a PR for you in a little less than a month, for sure. Hope you enjoyed your birthday rest day!
    As for Starbucks… thanks for reminding me that this is Happy Hour week! I now have a date there tomorrow. I’m hoping to try that dark mint (think they have it in Germany?), because that looks DELICIOUS!!
    I love the U2 song “Beautiful Day.” I use it sometimes to just get me in a good mood. Remember how U2 got a lot of flack a few years ago for putting their new album (for free) on people’s devices. I actually liked their songs. “Cedarwood Road” is the one I recommend from Songs of Innocence.
    Drink recommendation: just enjoying some good ole H20. Though it may interest you to know that it’s mineral water with gas, so I guess it’s not as plain as it’s made out to be. And you know how half a liter of the stuff costs almost 2 dollars in the US? Here a 1,5 Liter bottle is a mere 19 cents.
    Hope the lack of special plans during the week are made up this weekend!

    1. James Post author

      Hi Dorothea…great to hear from you and thank you for the birthday wishes. What little partying we do anymore will have to wait until the weekend, though with this being the peak week in my Hansons marathon torture, partying is kinda stretching it a bit! Yes, go get one of those Fraps at Happy Hour if they are available in Germany…yes yes, they are probably not the healthiest of choices but in moderation a fancy desert coffee or beverage is not going to cause too many issues. The midnight mint mocha is amazing. So, go get one.

      Appreciate the support on the racing. Absolutely Reno is already way behind me – I don’t know what happened, I can only blame the altitude and the hilly course but time to move on. I sure hope I can PR…we’ll see, June 4 is the big day. That water sounds interesting…I’ve not actually heard of it but will have to look around. Hope you are doing well…Cheers!

      1. wanderwolf

        You know, not only did Germany fail to catch on to Happy Hour this week (I was informed they follow a different schedule), there was no mocha midnight mint delight in these stores. Sigh.
        Have a good week and a pint for me.

        1. James Post author

          Oh no!! But, doesn’t surprise me too much as they market different products in different markets. I know there are some great pastries available in the European stores that we cannot get in the US. Hopefully, they get that flavor launched though at some point! Working on that pint right this minute, cheers!

    1. James Post author

      That is awesome Robyn!! A great birthday week indeed and happy birthday to you!! What little celebrating I do though has to wait until the weekend…not up for mid-week parties anymore…or weekend ones for that matter, but a nice dinner and a couple beers will be good in between running 60+ miles!! Have a great birthday week!

  3. J Wilson

    Hope you had a great day and maybe a yummy treat!!🍰 Mum

    1. James Post author

      Hi Mum…yep, it was a decent day but full of meetings and very busy. Enjoyed a couple beers in the evening and PK made sure I had a chocolate cake to enjoy that AJ was also very happy that I shared when he got home! We’ll have a couple more celebratories in just a couple weeks now!!

  4. runningtotravel

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating! I absolutely love the Joshua Tree album. It’s still one of my favorites of all time. I also love Metallica (and Coldplay for that matter). If I lived there, I’d be in heaven with all of the concert choices!

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Donna!! It sounds like you would definitely like the concert series they have posted 🙂 We are going to see Queen in July and really tempted on the Metallica so will have to think about and see if I can talk Paula into it!

      1. runningtotravel

        I’ve seen Metallica in concert before and I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. They really know how to put on a show! The Queen concert should be a lot of fun!

  5. Chris

    A belated Happy Birthday to you sir!

    Put the half marathon behind you, altitude will kick your butt when you aren’t used to it. I live at higher altitude and I have to advise people visiting from lower elevation to drink lots of water, don’t be surprised if your heart starts racing walking up a steep incline or you get out of breath. It also makes races at lower altitudes easier for me! LOL

    Beer recommendation: a local craft brewery makes a beer named Fire Melon: with watermelon, strawberries, habaneros, jalapeños and Fresno chilis. It’s not hot and it’s not sweet and it is really good summer beer.

    You mentioned Metallica (one of my favorite groups): Of Wolf and Man

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Chris…Cheers!! That beer sounds very interesting – I love trying new flavors and varieties and I understand Boulder is an awesome place for craft brews. As for the altitude, yes you definitely have the advantage coming down to sea level. Honestly, I was a bit taken aback it affected me that that much. My heart was in middle of zone 5 after just 2 miles…crazy! Love the mighty Metallica, I could make entire playlists with just Metallica – which I probably should do one day!

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Chelsea!! I didn’t quite match your mile for every year birthday run as it just so happened to be #restday. Hearing you on the coffee, luckily I work in just the right place for that 🙂

  6. Katrina

    Happy birthday, James! If it ever warms up here (which apparently it’s supposed to swing 40 degrees warmer over the next few days here) I will be trying out the new frappucino flavor. For now I’m still enjoying my toffee nut latte, which I order so regularly my friends at Starbucks start making it for me as soon they see me walk in!
    Great music pick for the week! We’ve been listening to a lot of Rockabye Baby. I think Pitbull sings it? I’m not sure, I’d have to ask my 6 year old! 🙂

    1. James Post author

      Hi Katrina, great to hear from you and thank you for the birthday wishes!! Glad that you are still enjoying your toffee nut latte’s and your local barista’s are treating you well – they do such an amazing job. Although, I work at the support center in technology, I’m hoping to do an in-store visit and check out behind the scenes this year. Hopefully the weather warms up so you can sample the new Frappuccino flavors! I’ll check that song as well and add it to the list…I think I know it but not for sure – I’m sure my son would know it too!

  7. Fallon @ Slacker Runner

    Hope you had a great birthday!! I admit I am not much of a U2 fan, I do remember the Joshua Tree album and it was the one I can really tolerate. I did get to Starbucks recently but it was for a boring Vanilla Bean Frap. 🙂 Right now I’m still listening to Papa Roach, “None Of The Above” really seemed fitting when I saw a huge hill on Saturday during my race. 🙂

    1. James Post author

      Thank you Fallon!! It was a good birthday week and weekend. Yeah, I’ll admit I’m not the biggest U2 fan so we did not jump in on last minute tickets. In fact I went for an 18 mile run and that was pretty much the day. Nothing wrong or boring with a vanilla bean Frap…vanilla, frap, and Starbucks and you can’t go wrong – but try that midnight mint mocha sometime (unless you hate mint, though it’s not really minty). Will check that song and add it to the shoutouts in the next MMM post, which is already behind schedule 🙂 Congrats on your fabulous racing year so far…have a great week!!

  8. nathasha

    Happy belated birthday, James!! Hope you had a fun time celebrating! That Red Hook beer looks interesting. I think I’m going to have give it a try.


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