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By | August 12, 2017

Disclaimer: I received the OOahh Sport Project Pink Sandal from OOFOS as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!


In my last post, Catching Up, I mentioned that I have been testing a pair of recovery sandals from OOFOS.  After spending most of my non-running, non-office time for the past month wearing the OOahh’s, it’s time for the full review!  And, most importantly, to answer the question of did I #feeltheoo ? 🙂


I’ll start by saying, that typically I am not a big fan of sandals or barefoot type shoes of any kind.  Certainly, no issues against any of the hundreds of varieties of flip-flops, slings, sandals, or clogs – they are just not usually my thing.  However, I had heard through my BibRave connections and channels nothing but good about the OOFOS approach to footwear.  I signed up for the test and was fortunate to be selected.  The OOFOS company hosted a technology conference call for the test group to get us started and answer any questions about the science behind the sandal.  They did not influence the outcome of the test in any way – we were left to our own devices and methods to evaluate the product of our choosing from their website.

As mentioned at the top, I selected the Mens OOahh Sport Project Pink Sandal.  This seemed like the best style for me personally, especially as I’m not comfortable with a post design at all.  I was looking forward to finding out what the hoopla was all about, for a pair of sandals!


Fit, Run, Test

After putting them on for the first time, it did not take long to answer that question!  My first reaction was literally, wow!  The fit was perfect and matched my normal running shoe size.  I have a high arch and, like many runners, have suffered at times through bouts of plantar fasciitis.  The very first sensation that struck me was how incredible these felt on the underside of the foot.  The supportive foam seemed to roll right into the underside of my arch providing instant support and relief.  I actually took them off right away to examine the shape and molding of the foam because I was so surprised at the firm but cushioned sensation.

I wore them extensively around the house for the first weekend becoming more comfortable with the movement and support.  The sandals are quite flexible but the firm cushioning is ever-present.  They honestly felt amazing!

But, the core of this test was not just to see how “good” they felt but to evaluate how they feel after strenuous workouts and how they assist recovery.  I started wearing them after every run and they were included in the gear bag packed for my recent trail run in the Idaho canyons.  That particular run was the toughest non-marathon endeavor I’ve attempted.  Almost 11 miles of rocks, hills, brush, streams, and cliffs!  My legs and feet took a beating.  Cue, the OOahhs…they went on the minute I got cleaned up, my only regret was I didn’t put them on sooner.

I’ve mentioned the arch support and the harder the run or workout, the better it feels.  But, after running on rocky debris filled trails for over 2 1/2 hours, my legs were hammered.  After having the OOFOS on for a couple of hours post-workout, I noticed less pressure and soreness in my lower calf muscles and achilles.  In fact, I ran with no issues less than 48 hours later.


One of the monikers of OOFOS is Your Feet Earned This.  And, I feel that it is totally appropriate.  These feel so good that putting them on feels like a post-run reward!  And, OOFOS if you read this, you can quote me 🙂  I posted to my IG story account shortly after that tough trail run!


While the pic is a fun shot for Instagram, you can actually see the curvature and structure of the supportive foam.

Overall, I have noticed in general that I my legs refresh quicker after a run since I have been using these sandals.  The sandals are filled with a patented foam (known as oofoam of course) that absorbs impact from normal foot-strike by up to 37%.  This can help alleviate post-run (or long walk/hike) fatigue from the ankles through the hips.

Here is a brief (less than a minute) video that provides a quick overview.

You can check out more technical details and information regarding the foam and the performance of the OOFOS on their website.  They have a few interesting info-graphics that provide an overview of the product line and how they address:

  • Shock absorption
  • Stress reduction
  • Arch support
  • Natural motion


One other test case that I setup was water performance and resilience.  Just recently, I’ve added swimming back into my cross-training regime which presented a nice opportunity to make sure the OOahhs were a-ok poolside.  And, no worries.  Of course they felt great walking along the pool deck and no adverse reaction to the water.  In fact, they dry amazingly quickly!  Within 10 minutes or so, the material dried – usually by the time I get changed and back to the car.  I understand that they can also be machine washed (gentle cycle, no bleach of course) though I have not tried.


As you can tell by now, I was amazed with this product.  I will continue to wear these daily and will absolutely look into adding more models to the collection.  After a month in the OOFOS, I am a believer in their recovery foam technology and highly recommend this product.  There are several styles to choose from and their website is easy to browse and research.

To answer the first question I posed, I absolutely did #feeltheoo and to quote myself, these are a post-run treat for feet 🙂

There were several other BibRavePros participating in this product test so for additional reviews and opinions, as well as different models, check out my BRP friends:

Jeannine * Amy * StephanieVanessa


Join us on the BibRave Twitter #bibchat this Tuesday at 6pm Pacific to visit with OOFOS and discuss all things running!

Can I get a discount?

There is no discount code to offer at this time but I want to call out the “Project Pink” initiative.  Every $10 of a Project Pink model goes towards Breast Cancer research.  You can get all the details of the program on the OOFOS website.

I did not receive any financial compensation for this review and all opinions rendered are my own based on my personal testing experience.

  • Do you have a favorite recovery item in your gear selection?
  • Have you tried a recovery/foam based shoe solution for post-run/hike/walk activities?
  • Have you had a chance to #feeltheoo ?

‘Till next time,

Run safe, run strong, run happy!


6 thoughts on “OOahh Sport Sandal from OOFOS

    1. James Post author

      yeah, I had heard people rave about them as well so was looking forward to checking them out myself and, as you can tell, they did not disappoint…I think I still can’t get over how good that foam feels on the bottom of my feet!!

  1. mawil1

    Something to bear in mind, though in general if I’m not running or in office mode, I’m barefoot! But after a long run, if you need to travel home, yes there have been times my feet have ached and maybe I would have liked that squidgy support!

    1. James Post author

      yes, the firm squidgy support is fabulous! they are also very flexible…I find that I can walk in them no problems and I am not a natural barefoot/sandal type of person!

    1. James Post author

      Thanks Steph!! Glad you enjoyed the product and the test too…see you at bibchat Tuesday!


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