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Monthly Goals Check – December

I’ve been taking this break from the running and blogging action a bit too much to heart it seems.  But, still not too late to complete the 2016 collection with the Monthly Goals Check – December.  I’ll also wrap up the year in looking back at those goals that all seemed like great ideas back… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – October

The Monthly Goals Check – October is, arguably, almost on time this month!  Barely a week into November and the look back at the month before is ready to publish.  I think next year I might make a goal of not writing a monthly post about goals. This is the monthly series where I actually… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – September

It’s already 2 weeks into October and, with the normal amount of procrastination, it’s time to publish the monthly review for last month.  Going to keep it quick this month as this has been a crazy busy week – I had to skip the weekly Motivational Music Monday post for the first time in 32… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – August

Monthly Goals Check – August or alternatively “Why the heck is the monthly goals post for August coming out now?!” Well, I actually finished this a couple weeks ago but had it sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the final read-through.  But, this turned into a very sad week for us with the passing of… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – July

Well, now that we are well over half-way through August and I just finished, what turned into marathon number 10, we better have a quick look back at July, otherwise the year will end and the collection of monthly summaries will be incomplete.  And, that just wouldn’t be right.  I really need to try to… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – June

As we are already halfway into July and I have a race trip report to get done, I’m going to keep the Monthly Goals Check June summary short and to the point…it was my lowest run volume month in a long while, so there’s not a whole lot to write but it was a marathon month!  And,… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – May

There’s still a couple weeks left in the month so probably not too late to get to the Monthly Goals Check – May edition!  And, if it is too late, here it is anyway because I’d hate to get to the end of the year and be missing one month!!  Blogging, much like my running,… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #15

It’s Sunday night again (no boooooo’s this week as it’s a holiday weekend, yayyyyy, at least it is in the US and UK), and while it is a holiday weekend, it is also time for the fifteenth edition of Motivational Music Monday!  The blog has been a bit slow over the past couple weeks due… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – April

Another crazy week with so much going on that ended in a (very good) way that I never expected!  I can’t get into those details right now but probably over the next week or so, I’ll hopefully be able to share.  But, right now, it’s time for the Monthly Goals – April. It was an eventful month with… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – March

Monthly goals check – March, and the first quarter of the year is over already!  Time for the monthly review of how the four major goals that I set for myself in 2016 are progressing as well as some other ramblings remotely related to running and racing in general that might be of interest. Goal:  Run 4 marathons in… Read More »