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Motivational Music Monday #44

Motivational Music Monday on a Tuesday It’s the start of another week and time for Motivational Music Monday coming to you on Tuesday (in a couple of timezones) for the 44th edition in the series.  Tuesday is not a normal writing day for me, at least not for the past couple of months, as it’s designated… Read More »

Race News!

Race Alerts! Super quick post but there are a couple new races to announce!  You might have noticed that the race schedule is a bit light right now.  Last year we traveled and ran events from Maui to Montana on the way to completing 6 marathons, a couple half-marathons and a Turkey Day 5K for… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #41

Motivational Music Monday Welcome to Motivational Music Monday!!  It’s the start of another week, the dawn of another day, and just where do those weekends go?!!  I hope you are all ready to rock (and run if that’s what you do) and crack open the playlists.  I’ll be sharing, a classic 90’s rock tune at… Read More »

Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – February 2017

The beginning of the month means it’s time for one of my favorite posts where I generate all kinds of useless stats and information.  Monthly Miles and Dorky Data – February 2017 edition, but can you believe it is March already?!!  After a long winter break, my first race is this weekend – as in… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – September

It’s already 2 weeks into October and, with the normal amount of procrastination, it’s time to publish the monthly review for last month.  Going to keep it quick this month as this has been a crazy busy week – I had to skip the weekly Motivational Music Monday post for the first time in 32… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #32

It’s Wednesday, so a good a day as any for the weekly Motivational Music Monday post!  Without too much to report on this week, #32 in the series will be a quick post.  It’s also time for a glass of midweek wine and the Sounders match is about to start 🙂 As you know, last… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #31

Let it be noted that it is Monday and I’m actually writing Motivational Music Monday #31 – it just might not get published until Tuesday, Wednesday (or possibly the weekend for my occasional visitors from New Zealand!).  Last week was a good week in the land of the Pacific Northwest.  Plenty of coffee, music, and an impromptu Seattle… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #29

When Sunday is not really Sunday because Monday is a holiday, aren’t they just the best?!!  As you all know, I absolutely love my working life at Starbucks but a long weekend is always so welcome.  No real Sunday night chores or errands…grillin’ and beer and staying up late writing blog posts while mixing the music… Read More »

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon Recap

Last weekend, Wifey and I headed back to Redmond, WA for another race…our previous visit was for a fun 5K the week of Thanksgiving last year.  The modified course for the Lake Sammamish Half-Marathon also started from the same Town Centre mall and headed south along the East shore trail of Lake Sammamish to the same named state park, 13… Read More »

2016 Goals!

With the holiday decorations (almost sort of – well we are planning on doing it anytime now) stowed away for another year and 2015 in the rear view mirror it’s time to post the 2016 goals for the new year as we enjoy one final festive weekend of diet debauchery.  Nothing wrong with planning to run a marathon or… Read More »