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Maui Oceanfront Training Week 4

A bit of a change in routine from the typical marathon cycle as we have a couple of races on the schedule during Thanksgiving week.  With my first ever 5K successfully completed resulting in a pie for my efforts and a 10K on deck for Thanksgiving Day, the normal long run routine just didn’t seem to fit.… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 3

A quick recap of the Maui Oceanfront training from this past week as preparation ramps up a little in this cycle, with a look at how I actually performed versus how I was planning to perform.  This probably calls for one of those how I think I run versus how I actually run meme thingies…so if you have a good… Read More »

Training Summary Maui Week 2

A busy week and another row of training scratched from the trusty spreadsheet.  Where did that week, and more importantly that weekend, go?!!  I had hoped to post an article or two about running apps and technology but it’s still sitting in my list of drafts.  I did discover some new great blogs and kept up on… Read More »

Site update – Training

You can probably figure out that this blog/site is very much in development, but so far I am really enjoying documenting my training and my plans.  It has also been rewarding to find so many other great running blogs and sites that present an opportunity to interact with a fabulous running/writing community. As well as simply updating… Read More »

Rest Day!

Today was rest day…booyah! Somehow, my mostly self-made custom training plan has had me running every day since my 20 miler last Sunday. Whoever came up with that idea needs a serious kick in the…wait Since last weekend it went something like this: Sun: 20.1 miles 3:00:57 Long run race simulation Mon: 4.0 miles 36:06… Read More »