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Taking a brief diversion to participate in The Daily Post Photo Challenge.  The theme this week is Vibrant, and having just got back from Maui, I have a few options to add some color in the midst of winter. We paid a visit to the awesome Maui Ocean Center in Ma’alaea Bay on our recent vacation and enjoyed… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Final Thoughts

The final summary of the Maui Oceanfront Marathon with a brief review of the race as an event, and hopefully some lessons learned moving forward as I set my sights on Salt Lake City and marathon number 7 in April.  I’ve already covered the race recap in some detail so to keep this wrap up easy reading, it’s… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap

Six days post-race and I should get organized and put together a Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap, especially now that we are back on the mainland.  The warm Hawaiian air, blue seas, and happy hours have dulled the mostly painful details of marathon number six, but I took good notes 🙂  If you read my brief summary from Monday, you already… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Finish

A quick update to confirm that I finished the Maui Oceanfront Marathon this past weekend, but holy crap this was a tough race…not just tough but kick your ass, chew you up, spit you out make you want to throw yourself into the ocean and never come back tough.  4:28:54 was the official time…I should… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Training Wrap

The latest cycle is complete so to pass some time on the 6 hour flight today, I drafted a Maui Oceanfront Training Wrap.  It’s been a few days since the last post, but with the marathon essentially being my main event, there will probably be a bit of an overload over the next couple days,… Read More »

2016 Goals!

With the holiday decorations (almost sort of – well we are planning on doing it anytime now) stowed away for another year and 2015 in the rear view mirror it’s time to post the 2016 goals for the new year as we enjoy one final festive weekend of diet debauchery.  Nothing wrong with planning to run a marathon or… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Training Week 3

A quick recap of the Maui Oceanfront training from this past week as preparation ramps up a little in this cycle, with a look at how I actually performed versus how I was planning to perform.  This probably calls for one of those how I think I run versus how I actually run meme thingies…so if you have a good… Read More »

Back to training!

And, so the cycle resumes.  Two weeks and two days have passed since the great experience (and PR in case I hadn’t mentioned it 🙂 ) at the Chicago marathon and it seems forever since I posted the Race Summary.  But, with Illinois in the rear-view mirror, the post-marathon period of doing basically nothing, or sod all as… Read More »