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Monthly Goals Check – July

Well, now that we are well over half-way through August and I just finished, what turned into marathon number 10, we better have a quick look back at July, otherwise the year will end and the collection of monthly summaries will be incomplete.  And, that just wouldn’t be right.  I really need to try to… Read More »

Missoula Marathon Final Thoughts

A few Missoula Marathon Final Thoughts that didn’t quite fit into the race recap – I guess this is like the editors cut bonus content that they used to put on DVDs…do we still use DVDs? I best go ask my son because I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to stream everything and all we need to… Read More »

Missoula Marathon Recap

It has been over 2 weeks since I crossed the finish line of my fourth marathon of 2016 so it is time to get cracking on the report and finish the Missoula Marathon Recap.  The Missoula Marathon was my 9th overall full marathon and State number 7 on the (very long way to go) quest across… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #23

Happy Sunday!!  And, while the race report from the Missoula Marathon is still not published (it really is on the way though), it is time for another Motivational Music Monday so the race recap will have to wait just a few more days!  If you recall, last week was very much a musical themed weekend… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #21

It’s Monday and for the first time ever, Motivational Music Monday is being brought to you on…Monday!  Most of you know we have been on a long road trip to the amazing Big Sky country of Montana to run the Missoula Marathon.  We had to cram the trip a little so have been on the… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #20

It’s a (US) holiday edition of the Motivational Monday Music series and if you are able to enjoy a long weekend over the 4th, I hope you get to enjoy appropriately with your friends and family.  We’re not much into the fireworks although they are still legal in our town so we will watch the neighborhood… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #19

It’s Sunday but it’s all good.  Back to it tomorrow to continue my immersion into the world of all things coffee, tea, and other wonderful beverages!  It’s been a very quiet week, with little to no running or workouts – see the details below!  So, not too much commentary this week to go with Motivational… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – April

Another crazy week with so much going on that ended in a (very good) way that I never expected!  I can’t get into those details right now but probably over the next week or so, I’ll hopefully be able to share.  But, right now, it’s time for the Monthly Goals – April. It was an eventful month with… Read More »