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Training Summary Maui Week 2

A busy week and another row of training scratched from the trusty spreadsheet.  Where did that week, and more importantly that weekend, go?!!  I had hoped to post an article or two about running apps and technology but it’s still sitting in my list of drafts.  I did discover some new great blogs and kept up on… Read More »

FitOne Boise Half Marathon

A break from the normal taper routine on this training plan!  Instead of a standard 12-14 mile long (real) slow run, I ran the FitOne Boise Half Marathon.  This was not a spur of the moment decision by any means…it’s been on the little next race widget thing on the sidebar for several weeks.  I… Read More »

Long Run Progression

On the eve of the final long run before Chicago, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the progression of my long runs through this training cycle.  Many runners are approaching their final long run for their Fall marathon or have just completed the last long run and are in the restless state… Read More »

Another week done!

Another week of training wraps up with the normal long run Sunday.  The planned mileage on the spreadsheet today listed 16, a step-back in terms of distance sandwiched between the 20 mile run last week and the 20-22 mile run planned for next weekend. This completes Week 12 – I think last week’s long run post was titled wrong…something to do… Read More »

Chicago Week 12 Long Run

I’ve spent some time and effort into getting the site established and hopefully I’ve been able to share the basic premise of my goal to run a marathon in each state.  I’ve also been reviewing many great sites out there in the running cyberspace and have already had some wonderful interactions with some great runners,… Read More »