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Discounts and Deals!

Site update! Who doesn’t like a discount or deal?!!  I had mentioned that as part of the BibRavePro Ambassador program, I will be able to share some great deals on gear and races.  I have now added those discount pages to the website, yayyy!! You can find them on the main menu under Gear Discounts and… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – October

The Monthly Goals Check – October is, arguably, almost on time this month!  Barely a week into November and the look back at the month before is ready to publish.  I think next year I might make a goal of not writing a monthly post about goals. This is the monthly series where I actually… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap

Six days post-race and I should get organized and put together a Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap, especially now that we are back on the mainland.  The warm Hawaiian air, blue seas, and happy hours have dulled the mostly painful details of marathon number six, but I took good notes 🙂  If you read my brief summary from Monday, you already… Read More »

Post-race Celebration!

An attempt at humor in today’s post as we take a detour from the more serious stuff.  Paula has been doing some great networking with her site and uncovering some awesome sites and blogs in the process.  One such group of three bloggers host a weekly theme/link-up…I’m not totally sure what a link-up is but I… Read More »

Back to training!

And, so the cycle resumes.  Two weeks and two days have passed since the great experience (and PR in case I hadn’t mentioned it 🙂 ) at the Chicago marathon and it seems forever since I posted the Race Summary.  But, with Illinois in the rear-view mirror, the post-marathon period of doing basically nothing, or sod all as… Read More »

The 50 in 50 Marathon Quest

The 50/50 concept from my perspective – my 2 pence! Before going too much further and diving into the countless details and subjects that we will cover throughout this journey, it is probably a good idea to explore the concept of this site and share some insight into the meaning of the 50 in 50… Read More »