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Monthly Goals Check – November

The Monthly Goals Check – November is so crazy late this month, I considered combining it with December.  But, that wouldn’t be consistent with the rest of the year and just wouldn’t sit quite right!  So, with two days left in the year, I’m going to keep it very short just to keep the set… Read More »

Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap

Six days post-race and I should get organized and put together a Maui Oceanfront Marathon Recap, especially now that we are back on the mainland.  The warm Hawaiian air, blue seas, and happy hours have dulled the mostly painful details of marathon number six, but I took good notes 🙂  If you read my brief summary from Monday, you already… Read More »

Running in 2015

With a busy week of working, commuting, training, and getting stuff done before the holidays it seems forever since I posted.  I’m skipping the usual weekly training summary and will combine it with next week’s update…there really wasn’t much to report.  I had planned on my 20 mile “time trial” run but reduced it to… Read More »

5K, PRs, and Pie!

Another race to add to the resume and a few “firsts” to record along the way as Wifey and I headed to Redmond at OMG it’s early, dark, and its too freakin’ cold to go running this morning, to run in the inaugural Redmond 5K Turkey Trot.  Going to try to keep this summary pretty simple… Read More »

2015 Chicago Marathon Summary

2015 Chicago Marathon – The Full Story My previous timeline post was intended to give a quick update and capture my initial race thoughts before the post-marathon haze blurred everything together – especially during those final few miles and the zombie-esq shuffle through the finisher chute…and those that ran, wasn’t that the longest finish chute in… Read More »

Chicago Marathon Training is Done!

Well almost… Tomorrow represents a significant milestone – training for the 2015 Chicago marathon will be complete! An easy paced six mile run on the trail to Lake Cassidy as soon as I get in tomorrow, after a mostly easy 9.4 mile run on Sunday puts a wrap on the marathon plan. The next run will start at Grant Park… Read More »