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Monthly Goals Check – December

I’ve been taking this break from the running and blogging action a bit too much to heart it seems.  But, still not too late to complete the 2016 collection with the Monthly Goals Check – December.  I’ll also wrap up the year in looking back at those goals that all seemed like great ideas back… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #34

Yes, last week was just an aberration with no Motivational Music Monday post, but worry not, it is back!  While the masses might not have noticed we missed a week, a couple of you did, so thank you 🙂  Turned out last week was just an insanely busy week for me.  I’m pretty certain those… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – June

As we are already halfway into July and I have a race trip report to get done, I’m going to keep the Monthly Goals Check June summary short and to the point…it was my lowest run volume month in a long while, so there’s not a whole lot to write but it was a marathon month!  And,… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #19

It’s Sunday but it’s all good.  Back to it tomorrow to continue my immersion into the world of all things coffee, tea, and other wonderful beverages!  It’s been a very quiet week, with little to no running or workouts – see the details below!  So, not too much commentary this week to go with Motivational… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #9

Today’s Motivational Music Monday pick of the week post has a few race notes from the Salt Lake City marathon, which was just yesterday!  It was a reasonably short trip to Utah and not much spare time on the road to write the normal pre-race update or race recap.  But, there will be a full trip report… Read More »

One thousand miles!

Or 1609.34 kilometers for my metric visitors…I wouldn’t normally write a post about just a single training run, but, given the relatively late start to my race training cycles, I wasn’t sure I would make the 4 digit milestone this year.  Today, 5.7 miles into the long run, I crossed the 1000 mile mark so paused for… Read More »

Training Summary Maui Week 2

A busy week and another row of training scratched from the trusty spreadsheet.  Where did that week, and more importantly that weekend, go?!!  I had hoped to post an article or two about running apps and technology but it’s still sitting in my list of drafts.  I did discover some new great blogs and kept up on… Read More »

2015 Chicago Marathon Summary

2015 Chicago Marathon – The Full Story My previous timeline post was intended to give a quick update and capture my initial race thoughts before the post-marathon haze blurred everything together – especially during those final few miles and the zombie-esq shuffle through the finisher chute…and those that ran, wasn’t that the longest finish chute in… Read More »

Chicago Marathon Training is Done!

Well almost… Tomorrow represents a significant milestone – training for the 2015 Chicago marathon will be complete! An easy paced six mile run on the trail to Lake Cassidy as soon as I get in tomorrow, after a mostly easy 9.4 mile run on Sunday puts a wrap on the marathon plan. The next run will start at Grant Park… Read More »

Week 13 Wrap!

Week 13, the highest volume week in my Chicago training plan…done! And, the cool little Strava bubbles prove it 🙂  I wont deny, I am so glad that the long week is done.  For the most part I held up, even extending the midweek run from 12 miles to 13.1, just because I was close… Read More »