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Motivational Music Monday #46

Motivational Music Monday Catchup Two weeks ago, I started this post with…”another week, another race, and another Wednesday publishing of the world famous Motivational Music Monday series.”  Well, maybe world famous might be stretching it a bit.  But it is cool to see the various hits on the site from around the world.  You can… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – December

I’ve been taking this break from the running and blogging action a bit too much to heart it seems.  But, still not too late to complete the 2016 collection with the Monthly Goals Check – December.  I’ll also wrap up the year in looking back at those goals that all seemed like great ideas back… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – September

It’s already 2 weeks into October and, with the normal amount of procrastination, it’s time to publish the monthly review for last month.  Going to keep it quick this month as this has been a crazy busy week – I had to skip the weekly Motivational Music Monday post for the first time in 32… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #31

Let it be noted that it is Monday and I’m actually writing Motivational Music Monday #31 – it just might not get published until Tuesday, Wednesday (or possibly the weekend for my occasional visitors from New Zealand!).  Last week was a good week in the land of the Pacific Northwest.  Plenty of coffee, music, and an impromptu Seattle… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #30

A new trend seems to be developing recently with Motivational Music Monday coming out a little later than the title may indicate.  But it’s all good…it’s the concept of the theme that matters!  And, with that, it’s time for Motivational Music Monday #30 on a Wednesday. This has honestly been a pretty quiet week in… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #29

When Sunday is not really Sunday because Monday is a holiday, aren’t they just the best?!!  As you all know, I absolutely love my working life at Starbucks but a long weekend is always so welcome.  No real Sunday night chores or errands…grillin’ and beer and staying up late writing blog posts while mixing the music… Read More »

Friday Thoughts from Seattle

It’s Friday!! That alone is reason enough to be happy!  As we pour ourselves a Happy Hour beverage, I feel like writing a quick fun post to share a few Friday thoughts from a normal working summer day in Seattle!  You might say it was inspired a bit by Wifey’s great blog post today that… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #19

It’s Sunday but it’s all good.  Back to it tomorrow to continue my immersion into the world of all things coffee, tea, and other wonderful beverages!  It’s been a very quiet week, with little to no running or workouts – see the details below!  So, not too much commentary this week to go with Motivational… Read More »

Rock ‘N Roll Seattle Marathon Recap

It’s been almost a week, it’s Friday, it’s Happy Hour and the pain has subsided so this seems like an appropriate enough time for a race review and the Rock ‘N Roll Seattle Marathon Recap.  This was a “hometown” race for us and for me another commute to the city not far from my normal… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #18

And, welcome to a marathon weekend edition of Motivational Music Monday!!  As, a few of you know, yesterday I ran Rock ‘N Roll Seattle.  It was marathon number 8 in total, number 3 on the year and the middle race to complete 3 marathons in 90 days for Marathon Maniacs.  Let’s just say, I’m one… Read More »