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Monthly Goals Check – November

The Monthly Goals Check – November is so crazy late this month, I considered combining it with December.  But, that wouldn’t be consistent with the rest of the year and just wouldn’t sit quite right!  So, with two days left in the year, I’m going to keep it very short just to keep the set… Read More »

The Williams Route 66 Marathon Recap

Just over two weeks ago, Wifey and I headed to plains of the American Midwest for our final race of 2016 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  So before the memories of another 26.2 miles (or in this case 26.8’ish miles) fade too far I best get on with The Williams Route 66 Marathon Recap.  This was my 11th marathon… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #36

After a whirlwind couple of weeks, it dawned on me with everything going on that we missed Motivational Music Monday last week.  We’ve been busy finishing up our training cycles for what should a very fun upcoming weekend at the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK.  With all that, we are well overdue for Motivational… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #35

A new first, Motivational Music Monday on Happy Hour Friday!  Well it gives us something to chat about before we head into the weekend.  And, for the runners maybe another tune or two to add to the playlists.  So, why Friday this week?  Well, you might have noticed that you haven’t noticed any of my posts… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – August

Monthly Goals Check – August or alternatively “Why the heck is the monthly goals post for August coming out now?!” Well, I actually finished this a couple weeks ago but had it sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the final read-through.  But, this turned into a very sad week for us with the passing of… Read More »

Monthly Goals Check – April

Another crazy week with so much going on that ended in a (very good) way that I never expected!  I can’t get into those details right now but probably over the next week or so, I’ll hopefully be able to share.  But, right now, it’s time for the Monthly Goals – April. It was an eventful month with… Read More »