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Salt Lake City Marathon Recap

A week has transpired since our race trip and that is about how long it normally takes for me to get the race summary posted, so here goes – the rewind of marathon number 7, the Salt Lake City marathon recap! It was just a few days ago that Wifey and me were enjoying a final… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #9

Today’s Motivational Music Monday pick of the week post has a few race notes from the Salt Lake City marathon, which was just yesterday!  It was a reasonably short trip to Utah and not much spare time on the road to write the normal pre-race update or race recap.  But, there will be a full trip report… Read More »

Motivational Music Monday #8

It is that time of the week already and while it is Sunday night, fortunately for me and Wifey at Never A Dull Bling it is also race week, yayyyyy!!!  Just a three day work week before we head out Thursday on a mini racecation to run a marathon, not named Boston 🙂  But, before we pack… Read More »

Friday Thoughts

I was going to post an update on the marathon training status as it has been a month or so since I’ve checked in on progress for the Salt Lake City marathon.  But, it’s been a crazy busy week and me and Wifey have spent a fun happy hour catching up on the trials and… Read More »

2016 Goals!

With the holiday decorations (almost sort of – well we are planning on doing it anytime now) stowed away for another year and 2015 in the rear view mirror it’s time to post the 2016 goals for the new year as we enjoy one final festive weekend of diet debauchery.  Nothing wrong with planning to run a marathon or… Read More »

Farewell 2015!

A real quick post tonight before our in-house festivities begin to wish all my blogging friends a very happy and healthy New Year and bid farewell to 2015! I’ve already posted a race summary for the year, so will keep this one short and to the point so we can all get cracking on bringing… Read More »